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Yorescape 1.0 in June 2022!
Y O R E S C A P E  1.0  A V A I L A B L E

Since 2018, each Flyover Zone virtual tour has been available for individual purchase from online stores such as Apple and Google. Beginning in June 2022, the full roster of Flyover Zone tours will be available on Flyover’s newly released Yorescape™, a streaming platform which the company developed for any smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer. Later in 2022, support for virtual-reality devices such as the Oculus Quest and Sony Playstation will also be offered.

About Yorescape, Flyover Zone’s Lead Developer Jeremiah Stevens stated, “at its core, Yorescape allows you to explore and learn about cultural heritage sites anytime, anywhere. What sets Yorescape apart is our focus on going beyond a simple 360 image viewer. With our Group Tour feature, you can now join others in a virtual tour and discuss as you learn more about the site. You can even freely roam some of our 3D reconstructions, allowing you to truly explore the site beyond just a set of static images.

“Looking forward, we’re planning to make Yorescape available on as many platforms as possible, including VR. We’re also looking into new ways to experience the sites, including taking virtual tours within our freely roamable environments and using AR to view models right in your home or classroom. We have a lot of exciting things planned that we can’t wait to share with you!

“I would like to give a sincere thank you to the Yorescape team and everyone else who contributed to Yorescape, including our over 1,000 beta testers. This would not have been possible without your feedback, ideas, and passion for what this application could be.”

Development Team
Mohamed Abdelaziz, Director of Historic Art
Yuri Alogna, 3D Modeler
Davide Angheleddu, Director of Photogrammetry
Sam Bolano, Environment Artist
Alex Bowling, Software Engineer
Gretchen Creekbaum, Director of Communications
Keegan Gifford, Software Engineer
Devin Good, Director of Technical Art
Alberto Prieto, Chief Content Officer
Jeremiah Stevens, Lead Software Engineer
Lasha Tskhondia, Director of 3D Modeling

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