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As Liverpool’s seemingly inexorable charge to the Premier League title continues to show no sign of abating, I was reflecting at the weekend that a similarly inescapable surge to the top appears true of people analytics.
People Analytics has finally arrived…
Admittedly, this is based as much on my experience of the last few weeks as the data - although this too shows that people analytics is the fastest growing area of HR. Since the UNLEASH conference in Paris in October, my travels to Haifa, Hamburg, Dubai, Amsterdam and last week Mexico City have all fuelled my belief that people analytics – albeit hardly a
new sensation – has finally arrived.
…but there is still much work to do
Despite my continued optimism about the growth of people analytics and its ability to help modernise and transform the function, HR still requires a serious step-change to manage the business, and not just human resources in these times of change
This is one of the themes of this week’s episode of the Digital HR Leaders Podcast on Data Driven Organisation Design, where I talk with the brilliant Rupert Morrison about why Finance is often stepping in on workforce planning, how HR must partner with them and the role analytics plays in shaping the future workforce.
I’m confident that listeners will enjoy Rupert’s thinking on some of the most pivotal and challenging issues that HR (for the most part) still isn’t addressing.

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Content we're loving this week...

How artificial intelligence is redefining the role of manager
Employees are increasingly happy to receive orders from AI or bots – who are freeing up managers to pay better attention to their employees (see FIG 1).
FIG 1: What do managers and robots do better? (Source: Oracle & Future Workplace AI@Work Study 2019)
Winning With AI
New report from MIT and BCG, which finds that early AI winners align organisational and business strategies to build value and manage risk.
Why Growing Businesses Need People Analytics
With analytics solutions now becoming more accessible for everyone, Zack Johnson outlines how people analytics enables mid-size businesses to make better business decisions.
Diversity at the Core of the Network
Diversity is critical to the development of resilience in organisations and bottom-line results across time.
The 3 Missing Roles that every Data Science Team needs to hire
In a mad rush to hire Data Scientists, most companies overlook three key roles, and this often leads to failure of projects.

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The rise of HR influencers
A huge thank you to Anna for including me as one of the three influencers (alongside Enrique Rubio and Stela Lupushor) she references in this piece on the sources HR is turning to for learning. It is humbling that
myHRfuture and I have both been recognised. 

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In this short bitesized learning video, taken from our online course - Framing Business Questions and Developing Hypotheses for People Analytics, Jonathan Ferrar helps us understand how we might begin building a clear and concise hypothesis for any analytics projects we’re embarking on. Throughout the course Jonathan and Ian dive into 5 key topics to help you ensure you’re adding business value with your analytics project, looking at how to frame the business question, whether the business question is relevant, through to how to actually define hypotheses.

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The argument for proactively managing the customer experience of HR (CxHR) is clear: organisations who successfully deliver on the ‘moments that matter’ can positively influence employee engagement. For the more transactional interactions with HR services, HR should deliver an ‘effortless experience’. By removing friction from transactional processes, we can safeguard employee productivity and avoid damaging employee engagement. So how do we measure the customer experience of HR?

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Events to Check Out
I’ve partnered with Al Adamsen on the People Analytics & Future of Work (affectionally known as PAFOW) conference series since 2016 and this year saw the first PAFOW outside the US with the London show in April. 2020 will see PAFOW expand again with its first show in
Sydney on 3-4 Mar. That event is sandwiched between London on 29-30 April and the flagship show in San Francisco on 29-31 Jan, where the likes of Dawn Klinghoffer (Microsoft), Alexis Fink (Facebook) and RJ Milnor (Uber) are already confirmed as speakers. Check out news on all the 2020 shows here and newsletter readers can get a 15% discount on tickets with my code DG15. I’ll see you there. 
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