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Incident Report No. 68 (Unlawful Acts)

Aimee Hix, author of "Dark Streets Cold Suburbs", on where and when she writes (Lesa's Bok Critiques)

"Does It Pay to be a Writer?" by Concepción de León (The New York Times)

"2018 Crime Fiction Roundup" by Sandra Seamans (My Little Corner)

"How to Crowdfund Your Writing with Patreon" by Lucy A. Snyder (Writer's Digest)

"On Setting Word Count Goals" by James Scott Bell (Kill Zone)

"Brian Garfield, Prolific Author of ‘Death Wish,’ Dies at 79" by  Katharine Q. Seelye (The New York Times)

"We're Not Yet Done with 2018 Yet" by J. Kingston Pierce (The Rap Sheet)

"A Stay at Kings County" by Charlie Gross (The New York Review of Books)

"A Food Tour Through the New York City Crime World" by Rob Hart (CrimeReads)

"Feeling Envious of Other Writers? Here's a Solution. (Jane Friedman)

"Top Five Daddies of Crime Fiction" by Eryk Pruitt (Do Some Damage)
Book Reviews
"Amsterdam Noir" edited by René Appel and Josh Pachter (Akashic) (NPR)

"Welcome to HolyHell" by Math Bird (All Due Respect) (Murder in Common)

"An Anonymous Girl" by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen (St. Martin's) (A Haven for Book Lovers)

"All the Way Down" by Eric Beetner (Down & Out Books) (Crimespree Magazine)

"Welfare" by Steve Anwyll (Tyrant Books) (Vol. 1 Brooklyn)
Short Stories
"Motivated Seller, Good Neighborhood" by Juliana Gray (Flash Fiction Magazine)

"The Strong Arm of the Law" by Russell Johnson (Flash Fiction Offensive)

"The Burn Down" by Bill W. Morgan (Shotgun Honey)
Featured Book of the Day
All the Way Down
by Eric Beetner
(Down & Out Books)

Dale is a crooked cop. It started slow, but grew like a cancer and now he can’t get out from under the thumb of Tat, a would-be kingpin in every vice he can turn a profit with. 

And now Dale’s number is up—the top brass knows. But instead of getting busted, Dale gets an offer. The mayor’s daughter is being held by Tat in his fortress built from an abandoned office tower. They want her back but if they storm the gates, Lauren is as good as dead. So they’re sending Dale on what could very likely be a suicide mission: infiltrate Tat’s fortress and bring her out alive. 

If the Mayor even really wants her alive… 

Floor by floor Dale and Lauren have to fight off an increasingly difficult and dangerous set of obstacles. 

Meanwhile, Dale’s wife has her own troubles and some of the drug kingpin’s goons are only adding to an already rough day. 

The clock is ticking down along with the floors of the building and escape is looking less and less likely. But to save her, and to save himself, he must make it all the way down. 


*That's Beetner pictured on the top of the news letter.
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