NORRAG Bulletin #62 - December 2023

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Top Story NORRAG: Continuity through change

NORRAG: Continuity through change

NORRAG started life as one of the Research, Review and Advisory Groups (RRAGs) 46 years ago. The current name “NORRAG” was adopted in 1986 and we have used a number of logos over time. As we enter the next phase of our evolution, we are changing our logo as we continue to work for the same reasons you joined us, and in the same ways that you value. Our broad and deep vision of education encompasses all ages and types of education and training. Our principles and practices remain the same, amplifying marginalized knowledge especially from the Global South. The continuing high priority we give to our 5,600 network members in 174 countries is seen in our recent significant investment in new networking tools and coordination. Read more


The Second Phase of the KIX EMAP Hub is Underway

The KIX EMAP Hub (previously KIX EAP Hub) announced its extension through 2027 with a Regional Launch on 28 September and four Sub-Regional Launches from 24 October - 4 November. EMAP (previously EAP) stands for the Eastern Europe, Middle East and North Africa, Asia and Pacific region. With the second phase of KIX underway, the Hub has implemented a number of changes, including their name change to KIX EMAP and welcoming new countries. Based on stakeholder requests, the Hub has also created a Facebook page and a YouTube channel.
Follow and subscribe to @KIXEMAP on all social media platforms (Facebook | Twitter (X) | YouTube) to keep up to date with KIX EMAP news and events in the coming months.

Apply Now for the Executive Education Course on Innovative Financing for Education

Applications for the Executive Certificate in Innovative Financing for Education (Fall 2024) at the Geneva Graduate Institute Executive Education Programme are now open. This fully online course, launched in 2023, equips education and finance professionals with skills to understand, analyse, evaluate, and design innovative financing approaches that can contribute to SDG 4 and SDG 17 at domestic and international levels. The first-year cohort, representing various career stages and regional affiliations, comprised participants from national ministries, NGOs, the private sector, bilateral agencies, and multilateral organizations.

First KIX EMAP and NORRAG Fellowships awarded

The KIX EMAP Hub and NORRAG have awarded the first joint fellowships. This year it has been offered as a scholarship for the Geneva Graduate Institute’s Innovative Financing for Education Executive Education Course. With the support of the KIX national teams, two candidates were selected: Orzugul Goyibova from Uzbekistan and Nima Tshering from Bhutan.

KIX Grantee in Focus: Distance Education to Improve Quality and Access to School Education in Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, and Tajikistan

Meet the KIX Regional Grant "Distance Education to Improve Quality and Access to School Education in Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, and Tajikistan". In this video, the project team shared the relevance of the study, methods, preliminary results, next steps and more. The project is being implemented by a Consortium of three public organizations in Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia and Tajikistan with the leading role of Taalim-Forum (Kyrgyzstan). 

Practicing Educations, Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak 

NORRAG has partnered with the University of Geneva on an event with Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak. Spivak is one of the leading figures in subaltern studies, which aims to provide a voice to the marginalised populations that have been overlooked by conventional history, in keeping with NORRAG's mission and #TheSouthAlsoKnows initiative. Education holds immense importance in Spivak's work and practice, since access to education is essential in breaking down class barriers and uplifting the voices of the marginalised.

Rapid Customised Country Support in Cambodia

The KIX EMAP Hub is providing Rapid Customised Country Support (RCCS) to Cambodia’s  Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MoEYS) to address the challenge of teacher oversupply in cities, such as the capital city of Phnom Penh, while there is a shortage of qualified teachers in all levels of rural schools and in specific secondary level subjects.

KIX EMAP Job Announcement: Knowledge Lead Positions

The KIX EMAP Hub is looking for two Knowledge Leads for the Southeast Asia and for the Pacific regions to join the KIX EMAP team. Applications are due by 23:59 CET, 8 December 2023 and should be submitted to
Each Knowledge Lead will be responsible for managing KIX EMAP national teams and establishing working relationships with Ministries of Education, development partners, academia and civil society education stakeholders. 

Upcoming Events

Policy Insights Launch - Refugee Teachers: The Heart of the Global Refugee Response

NORRAG has brought together 48 authors from various fields to produce 27 papers that showcase current evidence and offer policy directions to prioritise and protect the work and well being of refugee teachers everywhere. For the launch, a hybrid panel of selected authors from various refugee-hosting contexts and institutions be joined by the SDC Education Network Focal Point, the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Education and the Head of Girls' Education at the FCDO to discuss the importance of this publication and their vision for improved refugee teacher policy and practice.  
Hybrid event  Register here

Launch of NORRAG Special Issue 09 - Foundational Learning: Current Debates and Praxes

NORRAG Special Issue 09, edited by Hugh McLean, explores the redoubled emphasis on foundational learning, and the framing of “relevance” as standing in tension with basic literacy and numeracy, that has emerged at this midway point to Agenda 2030.
 More information

SAVE THE DATE Missing Data Summit

We will hold the online launch of the fifth book in the NORRAG series on International Education and Development: Achieving Equitable Education - Missing Education Data and the SDG 4 Data Regime. This event will include presentations by the editors and the chapter authors, followed by discussions. Save the date and stay tuned for more information in January. 
🗎 See the Table of Contents

CIES 2024 - The Power of Protest  

In 2024, NORRAG will be taking part in the 68th annual conference of the Comparative and International Education Society (CIES) through different sessions.
 More information
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NORRAG Publications

Now Available: Arabic, Chinese (simplified characters), French, Russian, and Spanish Editions of NORRAG Special Issue 07: Education in Times of Climate Change

NSI 07 addresses the question of how education is to equip learners to participate in climate action that would fundamentally disrupt existing problematic systems.
🗎 Access the NSI 07 Arabic Edition
🗎 Access the NSI 07 Chinese (simplified characters) Edition
🗎 Access the NSI 07 French Edition
🗎 Access the NSI 07 Russian Edition
🗎 Access the NSI 07 Spanish Edition

COMING SOON - Policy Insights - Refugee Teachers: The Heart of the Global Refugee Response

NORRAG has brought together 48 authors from academia, humanitarian agencies, and think tanks to produce 27 papers that showcase current evidence and offer policy directions to prioritise and protect the work and well being of refugee teachers everywhere.
🗎 Join us for the launch

COMING SOON - NORRAG Special Issue 09: Foundational Learning: Current Debates and Praxes

NORRAG Special Issue 09, edited by Hugh McLean, explores the redoubled emphasis on foundational learning. At the surface, the current debate tends to polarise around those who believe foundational learning should involve only literacy and numeracy and those who believe it must involve other foundational skills as well. In reality, the debate is as complex as it is crucial. How do we think about foundational learning in ways that really make sense in 2023, in the world we see around us?
🗎 Join us for the launch

COMING SOON - Achieving Equitable Education - Missing Education Data and the SDG 4 Data Regime

Edited by Marcos Delprato and Daniel Shephard, this book provides a nuanced understanding of education data gaps across regions, themes, and levels of education systems.

🗎 See the Table of Content

Events Highlights

The 'What' and 'How' of Change in Secondary Education. A Conversation based on the Book Journey to Secondary School Transformation.

On November 14, NORRAG held the first activity of the Regional Webinar Series, a space designed to give its members a voice and encourage regional exchange.
 Event Highlights in EN ES 

Launches of the Arabic, Chinese (simplified characters), Russian, and Spanish Editions of NORRAG Special Issue 07: Education in Times of Climate Change

NSI 07 addresses the question of how education is to equip learners to participate in climate action that would fundamentally disrupt existing problematic systems.
 Event Highlights in AR ▣ ES  RU  ZH 

KIX EMAP 2.0 Regional Launch

Participants from across Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, Asia and the Pacific attended this event to welcome new countries to the KIX EMAP Hub and learn about the changes in the Hub’s second phase of work with national education systems of the EMAP region.
 Event Highlights 
Recording  EN  RU 

AI and Digital Inequities Summit

In collaboration with the Centre for Sociodigital Futures, the NORRAG AI and Digital Inequities Summit explored perspectives from research and practice to ask what an ethical and justice-oriented response to AI in education might look like.
 Event Highlights 
Videos  Keynote by Ben Williamson Justice, Knowledge and AI ▣ Ethics and AI 

Foundational Learning: Debates and Practices at Educate A Child Lecture Series

The “Educate a Child” lecture series (organised by Mission 4.7, the Education Above All Foundation and the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University) was inaugurated with a session highlighting NORRAG's work on foundational learning in the 21st century, redefining education in the age of a climate crisis, and how we can provide quality education in inclusive ways.
 Event Highlights 
Recording  EN

UKFIET Decolonising Education and Development: Curricula, Data and Purpose

This panel discussion brought together six papers with the aim of contributing to the current debate on Decolonising Education and Development.
 Event Highlights 
Recording  EN

UKFIET Foundational Learning for Social and Environmental Justice. Squaring Circles? 

This conference panel brought together scholars and practitioners in the field of international education, training, and lifelong learning, that contributed to NORRAG Special Issue 09, “Foundational Learning: Debates and Praxes.” 
 Event Highlights

NORRAG Invited to Contribute to UN Human Rights Body (OHCHR) Panel Discussion on Digital Divides

The OHCHR convened a panel discussion for States, relevant treaty bodies and mandate holders, academia, civil society and other relevant stakeholders to discuss the most efficient ways of using good governance to address the human rights impact of the various digital divides.
 Event Highlights 

NORRAG Members

NORRAG Social Systems Map

NORRAG is taking a step forward to strengthen the connections between its 5,600+ network members from diverse sectors in 174 countries. Our new Social Systems Map allows NORRAG members to map their existing connections, as well as find new connections based on common interests, geographic regions or thematic expertise. In addition, the mapping tool allows you to visualise the network and filter it in the ways that are most useful to you. To include yourself in this new NORRAG Network map, please click the Make New Connections button below and save your unique link to the network map after joining.

Join #TheSouthAlsoKnows network 

#TheSouthAlsoKnows is a network open to all education experts, including scholars, policy and decision makers, researchers, practitioners and professionals from the Global South. It aims to support connections between and improve access to the work of education experts. 
Join now.

New Regional Webinar Series

NORRAG's regional coordinators have launched a new Regional Webinar Series. In these webinars, you can expect in-depth discussions with NORRAG network members of the same region, from policy makers, researchers to practitioners. Look out for emails from your regional coordinator!

NORRAG Members at CIES 2024

As a NORRAG Member, your panel or paper could be promoted in NORRAG’s list of Highlighted Sessions. If you would like to be included, please fill in this form.


Discover the KIX EMAP Podcast 

The KIX EMAP Podcast discussions with important leaders in education from Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, and the Asia and Pacific regions. The show is hosted by Ryan Allen, Assistant Professor of Comparative and International Education and Leadership at Soka University of America (USA).

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KIX EMAP Podcast #25: Indonesia's journey to transform education starts in schools, with Dr Iwan Syahril

Call for Submissions to the Series: #TheSouthAlsoKnows

#TheSouthAlsoKnows is a NORRAG initiative that aims to contribute to reversing the North-to-South flow of expertise and decision making. Therefore, this series aims to share learning and insights from research, innovations and projects developed and implemented by Southern experts and tackling issues in the South, highlighting their relevance for improving quality and equity in education in Southern countries and globally. NORRAG welcomes contributions from a wide range of experts, including those from education policy, practice and research.
MORE ON #TheSouthAlsoKnows
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Partner News

Launch of “Changemakers: Stories of young human rights educators”

Since 2021, OHCHR, Amnesty International and Soka Gakkai International have been developing the documentary Changemakers: Stories of young human rights educators. The film documents stories of seven young human rights educators from around the world and showcases how human rights and human rights education have changed young people’s lives, inspiring them to take action for human rights in their communities through human rights education.

To launch the documentary, they are organising two events in Geneva on 11 and 12 December.

For more information

Save the Date! Invitation From the Special Rapporteur on the Right to Education - GEN Z Take on Education

The Special Rapporteur on the Right to Education, Ms. Farida Shaheed, warmly invites you to join her for a lively and engaging discussion with young people from across the globe to discuss the future of education.


8 December 2023, 15:00 – 18:00


Hybrid, live streamed event

Palais des Nations, Room XXI


For more information

Invitation to Contribute to a Study on Gaps in Climate Change Action

The European School of Science and Sustainability Research (ESSSR), the Inter-University Sustainable Development Research Programme (IUSDRP) and UK Consortium on Sustainability Research are conducting a study to identify gaps in climate change action and understand what universities around the world are doing to mitigate/adapt to climate change. We invite all teaching and research staff affiliated to Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to express their opinions. Link to survey

The deadline for completion is 31 December 2023Read more

Call for Proposals: GPE KIX Applied Research Projects on Teaching and Early Learning

The Global Partnership for Education (GPE) Knowledge and Innovation Exchange (KIX), a joint endeavour with Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC), has announced two new funding opportunities through its latest calls for proposals.    
Call #1: Knowledge and innovation for supporting teacher professional development, agency, and well-being
Call #2: Knowledge and innovation for inclusive early learning and school readiness

The deadline to submit proposals to each of these calls is 15 January 2024. Read more

ERICC Inception Report and Forthcoming Research

Education Research in Conflict and Protracted Crisis (ERICC) is a three-year Education in Emergencies (EiCC) research programme funded by the British Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO). The ERICC Research Programme Consortium (RPC), published its Inception Report in March 2023. The report provides an overview of the consortium, their theory of change, conceptual framework, process for developing country research agendas and more. Read more

External Evaluation of the GEM Report

Every 4-5 years, an external evaluation is carried out on the work of the GEM Report to see how it could be further improved to provide greater added value to its audience, and help it contribute better towards advancing Sustainable Development Goal 4 on education (SDG 4). The ICON-INSTITUT Consulting Group and Ockham IPS are carrying out this period’s evaluation and would like to ask for your cooperation in participating in a short online survey about the UNESCO GEM Report. Read more
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