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On Friday, September 06, 2019, Mahatma GANDHI Technological Park registered the arrival of the Ivorian Institute of Technology (IIT), which was materialized during the accreditation ceremony of this reference institution held at the headquarters of VITIB.

Founded by Mr. M'Bahia Caliste Claude, Engineer and Corporate Executive graduated from MIT School of Engineering and MIT Sloan School of Management in the United States, IIT is an academic training center of excellence in ICT, Biotechnology and Business Administration.

The education system at IIT is based on the LMD system (Bachelor, Master and PhD). This system allows students to start their academic year at the beginning of each semester, in October or in January, to take day or evening classes (continuing education)
‘"The general philosophy that guides the teaching at IIT is that of "Mens and Manus", that is to say the Spirit and the Hands. In other words, we consider that the acquisition of knowledge is as important as its practical application in the field with the aim to positively change our society. Our students are therefore trained to identify problems, find solutions to these problems and then implement them", according to Mr. M'Bahia.
"The availability of well-trained human resources is a key element in the success of the VITIB project. The establishment of the Ivorian Institute of Technology, an entity able to provide high-level academic training in the sector of ICT and Biotechnology, to cover the needs of companies located inside VITIB and beyond, is a crucial element of our development strategy for the Free Trade Zone, "said Dr. Philippe PANGO, CEO of VITIB.

Mr. M'Bahia thanked Dr. Philippe PANGO and his team for the speed with which his accreditation file was processed.
In return, Dr. Pango congratulated Mr. M'Bahia for his initiative and wished him good luck in the implementation of this major project.
For more information, please visit:
IIT :  et
Thank you for your loyalty.

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