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Making ZBTIC a real center of expertise and competitiveness in the technology sector: that is the vision assigned to VITIB PEPINIERE.

In 2017, since the announcement of the creation of the "VITIB PEPINIERE" aera, the influx of local companies, SMEs/SMIs and Start-ups has continued to show the interest of settling there in order to benefit Like ZBTIC accredited companies, tax and customs advantages that favor the accelerated development of their activities.

It is indeed a coworking space that offers in the Free Zone area, accommodation and support costs studied, close to professional services.

In 2018, the first company of the pole is approved, then a second. From then on, the nursery will be housing from 2019, many others handpicked, whose core business is based primarily on innovation.
These include, among others:
- DIGITAL HUB, specialized in Finance Technology, design and management of technological applications and integration of network solutions. Within 5 years, more than 37 jobs will be created. The Chairman of this company is Mrs. Patricia ZOUNDI YAO.
- RAVENS'S Digital Team exercising in strategic consulting and SL governance, computer systems quality, software development and digital marketing. Company that will within five (5) years create 24 direct jobs and more than 50 indirect jobs. Mr. BRINDOU Kanga M'Bra Edmond is the Legal Representative.
- SEAD GROUP whose CEO Mr. BEDI Steven Yoann operates in activities that specifically concern the mobile money transfer operators, trading of electronic products and services, as well as financial engineering.
- LDA Audio Tech whose CEO Mr. Claude ANOUMOU KOSSIGAN, is a Spanish Company leader in the design and manufacture of professional sound systems and voice evacuation. LDA Audio Tech intends to intervene with VITIB PEPINIERE in the activities related to the assembly of sound system and voice evacuation, the assembly of loudspeakers for evacuation of the voice and the public addressing, with the design acoustic solutions, recreation of 3D scenarios for a subsequent acoustic study and in the engineering department. Within five years, direct job projections are estimated at over 25.
VITIB Pepinière, it is a building R + 3 completely renovated and equipped with split, equipped meeting rooms, multimedia rooms, a relaxation area / cafeteria.
For Philippe PANGO, CEO of VITIB: "With regard to our activities’sector (ICT and Biotechnology) and the missions that have been assigned to us to build the technological showcase of Africa, it is imperative for us to encourage our local SMEs to develop in a context where innovation is at the center of their activities, to encourage private initiative and thus to inspire entrepreneurial vocations. On the one hand, we help to create wealth, on the other hand, we offer solutions to reduce unemployment. Let’s see VITIB PEPINIERE as the Crucible of Innovation. We welcome the first companies of “VITIB Pépinière” who believed in us. "

Thank you for your loyalty
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