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September 2019

Beware of Spoofed Websites 
September 2019
By Jeff Welch

Cybercriminals are always phishing for information they can use to make money. Phishing attacks are most commonly associated with email. However, spoofed websites are another tool cybercriminals use to phish for your information.
A spoofed website often looks very similar to “real” websites. The cybercriminals use the “real” site as a pattern to create a malicious site. They will grab the graphics, emulate the fonts and include the same general verbiage. However, imbedded malware is lurking in the background to grab your personal information.
The malicious site will often have a name that is just slightly different from the real site. Here is an example: instead of NETFLIX.COM, the bad guys might use Did you notice the difference? Instead of a capital “I” the malicious site has a lower case “l”. These criminals are pretty tricky and getting more sophisticated all the time.
Ensure that you do not fall victim to a spoofed site scam:
• Do not click on links directly, rather type in the URL yourself.
• If you feel a link is suspicious, rather copy and paste it into another    tab to check it.
• Right-click to view links before clicking on them directly.
• Do not let curiosity get the better of you. If you were not expecting    it 
do not click, and if it seems too good to be true it probably is.
• Keep your browser version up to date.

Awareness is key to avoiding compromise of your personal information. By being aware of the threats facing you online you are already applying the best mitigation tactic of all.

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Settlers Spotlight

Missy Meyer is nearly a fixture at Settlers Bank. And it’s no surprise that most of you recognize her friendly smile since she has been employed at the bank since 2001, almost as long as the door have been open. Although she served in a couple of different roles over the years, she feels most at home in the New Accounts and Customer Service department where she has been serving our bank customers for the last 14 years. 

Missy, raised in St. Marys and living here in the Mid-Ohio Valley, has a heart as big as the moon above. When she isn’t cooking dinner for her husband Brian, or putzing around the house cleaning and crafting, Missy focuses her energy on serving the needs of others in our community. At the bank she spearheads several campaigns that benefit different non-profits or those who can sometimes be overlooked in our society. 

Most recently Missy organized a food drive at Settlers Bank on behalf of Go-Packs4Kids which provides weekend and holiday food for elementary and middle school ‘food insecure’ students. Missy, along with with the rest of the incredibly generous staff at the bank, and numerous big-hearted bank customers, collected an enormous pile of nutritious food.

Missy also enjoys putting on a large Veterans Day celebration in the bank lobby (look for that on November 8th) and organizes toiletry bags for Harmar and Putnam elementary school’s nurses to share when teaching young girls about hygiene. 

Too many to mention are the kind-hearted acts that Missy performs on a regular basis. But in classic Missy style, she will humbly tell you that her favorite moments in the bank are when she is able to help one of her customers and they repay her with a big hug, or when a child comes in to her office and knows right where to find the toys and stickers.

Missy’s door is always open. Drop-in and say hello. She will make your day even brighter. Thank you, Missy, for helping make Settlers Bank the friendliest bank in town!


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Slice of PIE

(Our Partners In Education report)

Did you know that Settlers Bank has been a Partner In Education (PIE) with Harmar Elementary School for nearly a decade? We’ve been working alongside 4th Grade Co-Teacher and PIE Coordinator, Ms. Katelyn Eckrote, since she stepped into the role 3 years ago. Ms. Eckrote volunteers numerous hours a month juggling 9 businesses in Marietta who are resource partners with the school. Time-consuming, yes, but the time and effort are well worth her labor when she sees the positive impact that the PIE program has on the students and faculty. 

One example of partnership is how the school and local businesses work together to expose students to various occupations. Harmar Elementary School has a Career Committee comprised of 1st, 4th and 5th-grade teachers, who focus on broadening the students horizons from a very early age. Last year Ms. Eckrote’s 4th-grade class took a walking field trip to Settlers Bank to learn about the purposes, functions, and operations of a bank and followed up by writing an essay on their experience. Later in the year, when the students were studying economics, Ms. Eckrote was able to incorporate the information from the classes visit. Students visiting different places of business, interviewing and writing about their experiences, represents one of many useful opportunities afforded by the PIE program. 

Speaking of careers, when Ms. Eckrote’s students were asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?”, hands flew up enthusiastically and the answers were all inspiring; Police Officer, Horse Trainer, Professional Gamer, and enlisted men in the Army and Navy, to name a few.  High School Teacher’s Aid Nick Kelsey chimed in that he plans on focusing on Business Management. Although the entire class unanimously agreed that recess was their favorite subject.

When it came down to brass tacks, “What do you need at home to make your homework easier to do?”, the answers centered around supplies (i.e. pencils, calculator, computer), and comfort (various comfortable chairs).  

As a partner in education with Harmar, Settlers Bank has also made monetary donations, met the need for physical supplies and is providing dinner for the staff during conference week. We want to be an asset to the faculty and children of our community, after all, we are ‘Neighbors Doing Business with Neighbors’. 

Thank you to Ms. Eckrote for all of her hard work, and to her wonderful 4th-grade class for allowing us to be a piece of Harmar’s PIE. 



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