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Entrepreneurship Is Not a Job - do you agree with Seth Godin?
(thanks Oleg for sharing this post with me)
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We tend to be good at criticizing.
We pinpoint what can be done better.
We overlook what’s good or great.
Tom Rath and Donald O. Clifton help us develop the appreciation muscle.
“How Full is Your Bucket” is a very short and sweet guide to empowering others.
This book contains a few useful tools and is backed up by science. 
Actually the data itself serves as a reminder to share positive vibes on a regular basis.
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A 3-day exclusive retreat for founders and C-level execs in Poland. 
A practical way to develop your business and career strategy and enjoy some wellbeing coaching. 
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P.S. Co zrobić, jeśli wywalą Cię z pracy przed Wigilią? Czego można dowiedzieć się od Elona Muska? Jak się robi biznes w Nowym Jorku? O tym i wielu innych rzeczach opowiedział założyciel Papaya Films, Kacper Sawicki.  
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