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Next Campaign Meeting

Weds 7th April 8pm - 9.30pm

We have an update on latest activities including the viability study, and then we'll talk about next steps for our campaign. 

The following meeting will take place on Wed 21st April, 8pm - 9.30pm.

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Electoral Ward Changes will "Move" the Theatre out of Streatham Hill

The Boundary Commission has proposed changes to local ward boundaries, meaning that Streatham Hill Theatre would now be in Thornton, so we are objecting to this change!

The proposals fail to meet the central requirement to “reflect community identity”, which should not be given less weight than other considerations.

The identity of the area would be fractured by splitting Streatham Hill ward into four component parts.

Worst of all for the aspirations to revive the Streatham Hill Theatre is the proposal to move it and the adjacent community into a ward which will not identify with Streatham.  This is evidenced by that Thornton Ward not even being included in the section of the proposals dealing with Streatham.

The theatre belongs at the heart of the Streatham Hill area, as it is currently, in a strong three-member ward.  It shouldn’t be put on the periphery of a non-Streatham ward.  This would be hugely damaging both to the project itself and the regeneration and development of the wider area.


We continue to raise awareness about this beautiful Grade II listed building, seeking support and potential users/operators.
Please keep spreading the word to your friends, family, colleagues.

Thank You

Thanks to you, our wonderful supporters, the campaign to return this building to public use continues. 

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