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Tuesday is News Day!
- January 19, 2021 -
The Gifts of Art & Words

Above, Remember Me and The Canoe Maker by Donald Soctomah and Jean Flahive; Art Cards by Sember Lockwood. 

Dear Friend of The Commons,

As we present our latest Featured Collection, The Gifts of Art and Words, we offer thanks to our talented artists and authors who beautifully and wisely join natural subjects of trees, plants, birds, and water to the world of art and storytelling. In other words, some might call our collection Arts and Letters, invoking a term that resides in classical antiquity and was considered essential for an educated person. Here then, we bring you a collection that includes the natural sciences, humanities, science and art.

Our greeting card section brings small “art pieces” that serve as conveyers of joy created when we make time to write messages to those we haven’t seen for a time, a reality especially in present days. Or we put ourselves into a memory of the joy of having received a note from a loved one we have lost touch with for too long. Writer or receiver, the “art card" is an artistic form that is both functional and a small piece of art. Flower gardens, seaside scenes, the simplicity of birch bark — now together as art. These creative works on paper, and the words they carry, can also be framed or archived for lasting viewing and reminiscing.

Our featured books share the stories of older generations inspiring younger ones, ancient tales spanning a few hundred years, and humans honoring and welcoming animals for learning, solace, guidance, and companionship. The story of Passamaquoddy Tribal Chief Tomah Joseph is one of giving his time, wisdom and influence to a future president. It reminds us of the elders who nurtured us, as well as the little ones so eager for our tales and attention. Then, we follow the commitment of a young father making precious time to teach his young son the ancient lesson found in nature. We are reminded and renewed of the deep value of elders and children interacting. Perfect time for these stories.

Hurrah for small views of nature that have been captured and saved for all time, and words of life that live on in valued stories and span time and place. Together they bring us new ideas, lift our spirits, brighten our days, and give us renewed beliefs in the future.

The Women of the Commons
Linda, Meg and Nancy

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