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Togouchi Japanese Blended Whisky
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Togouchi Whisky
Chugoku Jozo is a Japanese brewery located near Hiroshima. It has been making liqueurs, sake, and the traditional Japanese spirit shochu since 1918. For decades, Chugoku Jozo has developed a knack for making some of the most beautiful spirits in the world. But it wasn't until 1990 that the brewery decided to dabble with whisky by creating its Togouchi line. The master blender carefully chose the distillates (malt and grain) which would be sent to Japan, grown, and blended in the Japanese fashion. This line is the epitome of refinement and precision, celebrating two of Earth's most precious assets: barley and water.

The whiskies of the Togouchi line are perfect examples of the exquisite art of Japanese blending. Aged in a 361-meter-long tunnel, these Japanese whiskies benefit from outstanding maturation conditions that give rise to balanced and refined expressions.

Yushan Whisky
Thrust into the spotlight in 2015 with Yushan Blended Malt and in 2018 with Yushan Signature, the Taiwanese label Yushan was an overnight success. Boasting a thought-provoking name (Yushan is the highest mountain in Taiwan) and a modern and minimalist package, this line of whiskies is simply irresistible.

Sitting at 3,000 meters above sea level, the Nantou Distillery benefits from an outstanding subtropical climate that is perfect for aging these whiskies.

Available at the LCBO:
Togouchi Japanese Blended Whisky
VINTAGES#: 647743  SHOP »»

Grainy and smoky with suggestions of toasty oak, peat and chocolate cake. The long, balanced finish gives impressions of sweetness and mineral. Sip neat or with a splash of water. 

Togouchi 15YO Japanese Blended Whisky
LCBO#: 12611  SHOP »»

Vibrant gold in colour; aromas of pear, apple, puff pastry and cinnamon; an elegantly attractive palate with flavours of chocolate and caraway, along with peppercorn and a hint of peat; bold and smoky with a long-lasting, flavourful finish. Serve with grilled steak, chocolate cake or after a satisfying meal.

Yushan Sherry Cask Taiwanese Single Malt Whisky
LCBO#: 12612  SHOP »»

This blended whisky is named after the Yushan Mountain in Taiwan, which stands 3952 metres above sea level. Medium gold in colour with alluring aromas of pineapple, honey, nutmeg and vanilla. Flavours of orange, biscuits and malt with a hint of coffee in the background. Medium-bodied and fruity with a lengthy finish.
This week, the Vinexx team and our special guests had the privilege of sampling a selection of exquisite whiskies from Togouchi Japanese Blended Whiskies and Yushan Whiskies. We would like to thank Charles Mazeau of Whiskies du Monde for leading us through an unforgettable structured tasting at The National Club.
We are thrilled to see Togouchi on Forbes list of whiskies to watch!
Based in Hiroshima, Chugoku Jozo has been producing sake since 1918. In recent years the company created a world blended whisky range named Togouchi. Looking to add transparency to their company, in 2018 they started making their own single malt whisky under the Sakurao distillery." Learn More »»
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