Week 4 in the Kimberley 

Time has flown by! 

It feels like just yesterday I was picking up the students from the airport, and now I'm watching them step out in boldness in the Kimberley region of Western Australia! They are praying for people, sharing their testimonies, helping to teach in schools, God is using Revive DTS in incredible ways. Over the past few weeks we have been working as chaplains in a remote aboriginal community school. we have been teaching about conflict resolution and how to handle emotions which are such necessary topics for these kids. we've also been able to share in church a few times per week and have teaching and discipleship there, both for the DTS students and those in the community! We are really seeing God move in the lives of these Aboriginal people!

It is clear that there is something attractive about who God is because so many people came to our services. At a church were the normal attendance is under 10 people, we were able to see 20 adults and 30 kids come for teaching on one night! 

Another part of the work we are doing here is to set the foundations and ground work of YWAM Broome, the YWAM base that I will be helping to pioneer next year. There have been meetings with local pastors, prayer, and planning to get ready to found a new training base here! more information to come about this. 
Holy Spirit really moved during our times of teaching in the church... 

One night my student, Jessie, was able to lead one of the aboriginal women in the process of redecticating her life to the Lord! 
Another night, after we shared a message about purpose and God's call, one of the women said that God called her to start working with the young people in her community. She is working on plans to run youth programs and point young aboriginal people to God. its incredible to see God moving and empowering the people to fight along side one another. 

God of all ages. 

As the adults sat and got input and discipleship and teaching in church, at the back, several of us were with the children! Wow its such a blessing to see God speaking to kids. they were drawing pictures of angels and crosses and their families and they had opportunity to stand in front of the church and share about what they drew. they, at such young ages, had a platform to make God known to their own people in their own way! 

One of the most amazing things to me is the way that God is using Cheamay, one of the DTS students, to be His voice. She is pictured here (the one with the bag of chips) and she loves Jesus. Her community was our first stop for outreach and while we were there she ministered to her friends and family with no hesitation and always giving glory to God. 

A huge moment for her was when she stood in front of a church filled with her family and friends, and declared that she was dedicated to Jesus. She shared how she wants to be a "bushfire for Jesus" that starts small but spreads throughout the whole Kimberley and nothing can stop it. 

Its been such a blessing and privilege to be part of her discipleship and growth during these past months. god has incredible plans for her and the Aboriginal people as a whole. Please be praying for her and her family as she seeks to be that bush fire and reach her own people with the love of Christ. 
Please Be Praying! 
- For more open doors and connections for the future pioneering of YWAM Broome
- Strength and boldness in or team to continue reaching out and speaking God's word
- Protection and health 

..And what can I be praying for you?!

God Bless and have a Gday Y'all!
- Nicci 
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