Hey y'all, here is another

Update from America

Hey friend! I pray that this email finds you well and at peace in the midst of the craziness. 

Just wanted to send out a quick update of what I've been up to, how my team back in Aus is doing, what you donation money is going towards, etc. 

This is now my 6th month of being back in the States and I am still trying to get used to it! I see how God is so incredibly gracious to me for giving me this time with my amazing family and time to grow closer to Him, and invest in myself and the local community, before headed back into Australia... but there are definitely times where I feel restless here and desire to be back in the mission. Pray for me to keep pushing forward and finding new ways to make the most of my time at home: loving those around me, local mission work, personal growth, getting financially set, etc. 

Young Adults group
I was recently asked by the Pastor's wife and daughter, of the local church here, to help with the young adults group at the church! I felt like God gave me the green light to move forward in that and help out where needed! I'm excited to serve and to get to know the young people who are seeking after the Lord here! It will be exciting to see how God leads... I'm thinking local outreaches?? 

Weekly Prayer:
 I have joined my mom and some other prayer warriors from the local area to meet weekly to pray for the nation, government, and our community; as well as sharing

strategies that my mission team and I have used overseas. We have been praying for revival in the area as well as for Christians to rise up and take a stand for what is right. After a few weeks of constantly praying for these things as the Lord has been leading us, we began to see a shift!

Just a couple weeks ago, local Christians gathered together from all different churches to put on a revival event with music and sharing and testimonies! About 200 people showed up! There are plans to have those revival meetings on a regular basis! 
Also, our church here has started a "cultural outreach" class that will meet every week to train people how they can be taking action and representing Christ in the culture around them. Its amazing to see God answer prayers through our little weekly prayer group! 

Weekly Discovery Bible Study: 
I have continued to meet up with some of the girls here in Idaho for discovery Bible studies. We are working through main passages of the Bible together! Please be praying for more people to join us as there are only 3 of us at the moment! 

In regard to finances I have been, 
- saving donations and support for when I head back to Australia. The plane tickets and visa cost will be quite expensive when the borders open again! Also, because of how remote the Aboriginal communities are, the cost of living is more expensive as well. 
-  investing a bit in order to see some of my personal savings grow! 
- working for my parents with their home business to earn some extra money! 
It was SUCH A BLESSING to be able to be the maid of honour for my best friend! Nina is the one who encouraged me to go to Australia 3 years ago, and we got to work together in missions and be housemates for over a year! She is an amazing friend and God brought her an amazing man. So blessed to spend some time in Florida with her and so many amazing people. There were also a couple other YWAMers who attended. Pictured is my friend Katey who staffed the school that Nina and I did together when we first went to Aus. 
My Blog!
The YWAM Broome team and I have been praying since probably October for enough support to buy a 4WD vehicle for us to be able to travel to the remote regions of the Aboriginal communities! GOD ANSWERED THAT PRAYER. Through your support we had some money saved up to go towards a house and vehicles for the team... AND THEN, just a few weeks before the date to move up north, some very close family friends reached out to me. They felt led to donate 14,000 dollars for our team to buy a vehicle!!! And as you can see in the picture, she's a beauty! Later, someone donated a free tow bar that we needed and we had enough money to also get new tires on the vehicle! 

God is really opening doors for YWAM Broome, and He is working so much through the love, obedience, and generosity of the people around us. We now have a 4wd vehicle and a house... and the team is making the three day trek up to the new house as I type this! 
This picture is of the part of our team who is moving up North, to the Kimberley region of Australia, right now! They will be establishing more relationships and contacts with the local people, churches, and Aboriginal elders so that we can start reaching out more to the people there! 

There are quite a few more members of the team who are stuck outside of Australia due to travel restrictions (including me). So please be praying for unity over our team as we are separated for this season! We are all very excited for when we can be reunited again. 

Please be praying for the borders to open again! 
Help Support Me and the Team!
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