My last update was only last week... but so much has happened since then!

As I'm sure you are all aware, the state of the world and different nations is changing on a daily, if not hourly, basis with the current pandemic. I was definitely taken by surprise by how serious it got in such a short period of time. 

At the end of last week we got news that the airlines in Australia are shutting down all international flights by the end of March, and were to stay grounded until AT LEAST sometime in May/June/July. 

In addition to the travel and flight situation worldwide, our YWAM base is daily becoming more restricted to what we can do and how we can meet together. 

Over the past few weeks I felt like God was nudging me towards going home for this crazy season, but I pushed it away because of fear and not wanting to acknowledge that the situation is truly as bad as it has become. 

This week, I felt God tell me (through a conversation with some friends) that this was my last chance to go home before everything was shut down. I told God that, the last time I checked, flights were already sold out. So I asked God to make flights available if He was really wanting me to go home. The next morning I had a message from my dad saying there were some flights available if I wanted to come home... and I hadnt told him I was considering it. 

So, long story short, I am writing this update from an apartment on my parents property in Idaho, on day 5 of my 14 day self isolation. 

Leaving Australia for an unknown amount of time has been incredibly hard for me, especially because of how sudden my departure was, but I have peace about it as well. God opened doors and made a way through cancelled flights, unknowns, and protected me from being exposed to the virus. On every flight I had an empty seat next to me! The day after I left, my YWAM base went into lockdown and everyone is working from their staff houses now, unable to meet. The Aboriginal communities are also on lock down to protect the Aboriginal people from the virus as they are more susceptible. 

God spoke that this season is for building my relationship with Him, connecting with my family, resting, learning to become a prayer warrior, and preparing to go to YWAM Broome. 

Yes! Im still a part of YWAM Broome. I will head back to Australia as soon as everything with travel bans and the virus clears up in order to pioneer the training base in the Kimberley with the rest of my team. For now, your donations will be saved to help with the large living expenses and costs of vehicles and travel that we will face when we move near the Aboriginal communities. 

Please email me any questions you may have about any of this! 

Living next door to the family!

Because of my travel and being exposed to many people, I am in 2 weeks of self isolation in my own apartment on my family's property. Alot of communication with them is through windows or a 6 foot social distance. Prayed together through the window last night.

My company for the next 2 weeks 


Please pray!!

- for a STOP to COVID-19 and for God to be working in the midst of it. Pray for creativity over my YWAM base to be able to keep momentum and reaching out to people in this season. 
- For me to make the most of this time home. Dealing with a lot of loneliness being apart from my friends and in self isolation. 
- Open doors to return to Aus soon and continue what God is doing there. 
- Continued movement for YWAM Broome to start as soon as safe and possible!

Love you guys,
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