The world in chaos but 

God is still moving!

Yes, Perth has been greatly effected by the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic. There are many restrictions on how we can gather and work as a missionary base. Most of our gatherings and large meetings have been cancelled and meal times have been changed to eating outside or in smaller groups in specified rooms. But with all of the changes, we are still working and following God's call to reach those who don't know Him... we are just having to be more creative in our ministry! 

Most of our meetings and ministry times have been outside in a local park, which actually is quite refreshing in the cool fall weather that we have been having. 

Personally, I am a bit stressed with all the uncertainty that is happening. I  have been planning on coming home in June for a few months to connect with my family and go to my best friend's wedding but with travel bans, that is also looking uncertain. I have been starting my day with workouts and time with Jesus which has been amazing but I have been feeling the stress of this season. 

Here is an update of what I have been up to over the past month! 

Australian Relief and Mercy Services (ARMS) is a team that I join with alot to serve families in crisis in the city. This past week we were able to help a low income single mom and her 5 kids clean up their home and also got to share about Jesus and pray for them while we were there! 

Helping people's practical needs often provides incredible opportunities to share about why we love to serve people and why we volunteer to do dirty jobs to help others... because of the love of Jesus!!! 

The single mother was sharing with us that her 18 year old daughter has such crippling anxiety that she won't talk to people or even leave the house if she doesn't have to. During our visit we got to talk with the daughter and the mom was so encouraged and surprised to see her having a great conversation and connecting well with us! 

I am excited to follow up with that family in the following weeks as we go back to finish our cleaning project (and conversations) that we started! 

Something very exciting happening right now is that the book of Luke is being translated into Kimberley Kriol, the most common language among the Aboriginal people in the Kimberley! 

Many people dont realise that English actually is NOT the first language of most Aboriginal people. They usually speak Kriol (a combination of broken down English mixed with tribal languages) as well as their tribal language and then English. And even for those who seem to speak English perfectly, nothing is as clear and touches the heart like their first language. 

In addition to touching the hearts of the people with the Word of God in their own languages, a Bible translation in Kriol will help to preserve the culture and give credence to their language! This is what happened with the English language when the Bible was translated into it! 

So there are several Aboriginal people from the Kimberley who have come down to Perth with their kids in order to make an audio translation of the book of Luke into Kriol!! 

My ministry and I have been in charge of taking care of the kids while the translation is happening. Its a great time to help the translation happen but also to speak truth to the young people as well! 

I had a conversation with some of the kids who have seen demons on several occasions and got to share the Jesus is more powerful than anything of the Enemy and we need to only speak the name of Jesus and the demons flee! 

YWAM Broome Delayed...

We planned to leave March 26th to start the new training base in the Kimberley but due to visa issues for some of the team, and the corona virus outbreak, we are being delayed for an unknown amount of time. We are still meeting regularly to pray, plan, and support one another during this waiting period.

Please be praying for
- us to continue our work here (including the Bible translation) even with all the restrictions that have been put in place
- Personally, for the ability to trust God more in the midst of uncertainty and stress

Love you all! God Bless! 

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