What has been happening here, in Australia...

YWAM Broome is coming up soon, and in the meantime...

As my team and I are preparing to move up north to the Aboriginal communities, I am still seeing God move every day in my day to day ministry. 

God has really opened a lot for doors for my team and I to work in public schools in the area. We have been able to connect with a highschool  where we go weekly to do mentoring with the kids as well as running activities in their break times.

At this highscool, I get to run a small group of teenage girls. This past week we painted each others nails and chatted about life. The girls are really beginning to open up about struggles at home and I have the opportunity to bring Jesus into those situations. One girl, Tyler, said that her friend was going to take her to church for the first time in her life and she was very nervous. Over the weekend I prayed that she would enjoy the time at church and that she would actually have a lot of fun there. When I asked her about it this past week, she said she loved it and had a lot of fun!!! God is moving in the lives of young people here and drawing them to Himself.

Be praying for Tyler and the other girls in this small group to encounter God! 

A lifestyle, not a job.
I have learned, over these past few years, that loving God and loving each other is a way of life, not a 9-5 job. Loving people isn't a feelings. Its an action. 

A couple weeks ago, on Saturday, I was on my way back to my apartment from doing some grocery shopping. My friend and I saw an old Aboriginal woman laying on her side on the sidewalk, right next to a busy intersection. We stopped to ask if she was ok, and I assumed that she was just drunk, but, to my surprise, she looked up, fully alert, and asked for help. She wanted directions to a park that was only about 10 feet from where she was lying and that's when I realised that she is blind. 

She told us how her family left her and she couldn't see where she was going so she just laid down at that spot on the sidewalk where we found her... waiting for help. 

The thought of how many people must have past by this woman without stopping to help her really hurt and angered me. 

We helped her stand up, gather her things, and take the short walk to the park she wanted to go to. Then we were able to get her some food and sit with her a while. Her name is Janet and she is from the Aboriginal communities up north. We chatted for about 20 minutes and were able to share about the love of God and pray for her and for reconciliation between her and her family! She shook our hands and called us "sisters". Such and incredible connection with this woman.

A couple weeks later, we found her again in this park, sitting together with her family! We, again we able to sit with her and chat with both her ad her family. 

As Christians, we are commanded to love each other. It's not just nice feelings towards one another, it is action. I am broken hearted by how often we can pass by people in pain and in darkness because we get so caught up in our own business or selfishness.

God, please grow us in loving one another as you do. Amen. 

YWAM Broome is still in the works!

We initially planned on moving up to the Kimberley region of Western Australia on March 27th, but due to legal requirement and visa issues for us, there may be a delay of at least a month. We are continuing to fight for what God has spoken and, in the mean time we are working to raise money so that this can all be possible! 

Get a YWAM Broome T-shirt to support us! 

We made a t shirt to help us raise money for 4WD vehicles. We need at least 2 of these vehicles so that we can go to the remote Aboriginal communities, but they are very expensive! Please share this link to your friends and families so that we can get a vehicle and so that you can get an awesome shirt! Comes in army green, white, grey, and black. 

Get a t-shirt!
Prayer points: 
- effectiveness in our work in the high school, for God to encounter these young people in powerful ways. 
- more opportunities to love people around me, no matter if its a certain "ministry time" or a "day off"... 
- for clear direction and wisdom in sorting out all the legal hoops that we must jump through to start YWAM Broome 
- Finances!! For myself, personally, but also as a team. 

And how about you!? How can I be praying for you??? Let me know. I love all of you so much and I am sooooo grateful for your prayers and support. God Bless,
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