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What goes into a comment?

We've tried to share the basics of the West Seattle Ballard Link Extension projects in our past six newsletters. There are links to all of them on our website.

But what do you do with all this information? You comment! A comment is just telling Sound Transit what you think and (this is important) why you think so.

Do you prefer one of the 5 ideas? Do you really hate one or two or all of the options? Are you worried about your business, your commute, your grandparents, your favorite shop? Do you wonder where you'd park coming into the CID, or how you'll get to Pioneer Square for an art walk? How will the WSBLE options help you or hinder you as you live in these neighborhoods?

[drawing above shows the Sound Transit alignments for tunnels and stations. The 4th Ave and 5th Ave options both have shallow and deep tunnel and station depths -- the diagonal (the one at the bottom) has just a shallow depth.]

Comments are personal. They should also be specific and factual.

You live in, work in, or visit south downtown neighborhoods. How will this project affect how you do these things?  

Are there questions about how this project will affect you? Were you able to find answers to those questions in the DEIS? Did information in the DEIS spark more questions for you? Did you find answers to those questions? Questions are also comments.

When commenting, you should consider both construction (short-term) impacts, as well as what you would like to see for this train station and transit network for the next 100 years.

[screenshot of HSD Map Tool above shows both traffic and property impacts]
How? How do I make a comment?

If you prefer talking to typing, you can call and leave a voice mail in any language at: (800) 471-0879

You can email

You can leave a comment on the website with a sort of "comment card."

You can use good solid USPS mail and a stamp to:
WSBLE Draft Environmental Impact Statement Comments
c/o Lauren Swift
Sound Transit
401 S. Jackson St.
Seattle, WA 98104

ALL comments can be left in the language you're most comfortable with -- Sound Transit will have them translated.

If you want to talk through your comment before sending it, we're happy to be your sounding board -- make an appointment with either Kathleen or MaryKate from our website:
WSBLE Advocacy
Each different station idea has impacts to our neighborhoods, and we have until April 28th, 2022 to comment on these impacts. Every comment counts!
HSD is here to help. Please check out our website to find great resources. Share this email. Follow us on social media. Send us questions. 
Advocacy | HSD (
NO final decisions about where the tunnel and station will be located have been made yet. Your comments count.
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