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Photo shows the top third of the King Street Station clock tower, facing south, with winter-bare tree branches in the foreground

WSBLE DEIS:  Effects and Impacts

What do we mean when we say “impact”? What about "effect"?
Effects and impacts are just changes. Buildings and properties may be purchased by Sound Transit for the project. Construction will cause detours for traffic. Air quality could improve if more people ride trains than drive cars. The new trains likely will change bus routes. Getting to Ballard or West Seattle should be quicker. The city is a system, so when you change one piece, it changes many others. The DEIS discusses how.

Sound Transit has released a study of these effects for the West Seattle and Ballard Link Extension projects: the Draft Environmental Impact Statement or DEIS. The DEIS looks at different places to put the train line and stations, and then what they may change, organized in chapters by the types of things they will change. 

  • Transportation includes cars, freight (both trucks and trains, as well as our port industry), water traffic, pedestrians, bicyclists, and other non-motorized transport. Oh, and transit!
  • Environment includes natural resources, cultural resources (historic buildings and "social cohesion,") air quality, water quality, and more.
  • Additional chapters address the changes all of these things combined may have on the city.
Image shows a map of proposed light rail lines from Delridge to Denny, with preferred alternatives, and other alternatives. There are no preferred alternatives in the CID segment
These chapters are further organized by segments, which you may think of as "where new stations will go." The CID segment includes Pioneer Square and the CID, as well as some of SODO.

YOU do not have to read all 1800+ pages! HSD is here as a resource to offer you tips on finding the things that matter in this enormous publication. Check out our Advocacy page for links.

Paper copies of the DEIS, including translated copies of the Executive Summary, are available in South Downtown at:
International District/Chinatown library, 8th and Dearborn
Hing Hay Coworks, Maynard Ave
Alliance for Pioneer Square, Main St
[Contact HHC or APS for an appointment]

Translated web pages on the project are also available:
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WSBLE Advocacy
Photo of Union Station taken facing southwest, a large red brick building with corbelling on either side of the green metal canopy entry that spells out Union Station in yellow-gold san serif letters. The building has classical terracotta detailing and a small clock set in the gable end.
Start with the Executive Summary. That can help you decide which issues are most important to you. 

An additional point to consider: some choices in the segment immediately north of the CID (Midtown) and south (SODO) could limit the choices in the CID (and choices in the CID could limit options north and south). You do not have to think about this in your evaluation, but it might help explain some of the limitations on what Sound Transit can build.

If you want to dive deeper, the Station Planning Report may be a good way to understand the alternatives (this will help explain the shallow and deep tunnels you've heard about). You can also find links to the community advisory group meeting recordings on our website, to learn by watching.

Let's work together to make sure your comment counts.

Each different station idea has impacts to our neighborhoods, and we have until April 28th, 2022 to comment on these impacts. Every comment counts!
HSD is here to help. Please check out our website to find great resources. Share this email. Follow us on social media. Send us questions. 
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Photo of a Link train in the existing ID/C Station tunnel
NO final decisions about where the station and tunnel will be located have been made yet. Your comments count.
You can comment on the project pages or contact HSD to discuss or help.
We'll be sending weekly emails throughout the comment period.
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