OII-YS "The Natural Adjuvant"

It's "OFFICIAL" now! I just signed a contract making me the "Lawn Care" distributor for this VERY cool product!

There is a TON of NEW info in this email so PLEASE read over it a couple times to soak it all in. Be looking for SEVERAL emails and videos real soon on this product. I have TONS to teach you about it....TONS!!!

Here's the deal friends. I don't think it's a secret that most of you know that I "repackage" the GCI Natural Adjuvant. I went through all the trouble just to have my own "brand" on the label. Come to find out, this was not the best way to go about this process from a business standpoint. We live and learn, Right? 

It is the EXACT same product as GCI Turf Natural Adjuvant. I buy the    OII-YS in very large quantities and package it with a "GCI Turf Natural Adjuvant" label but now it will have the OII-YS label.
Same product....NEW LABEL. OII-YS has been the SECRET to my yard for 7 years!!!

I want to introduce you to OII-YS..."The Natural Adjuvant". This is the product I have been using for years in my business that allows me to use less herbicides and fungicides. Matter a fact, I used so much LESS fungicide the first year alone of using OII-YS that I saved $27,000 on my fungicide bill. Yes, I just said $27,000! This doesn't include the savings on my herbicides, just fungicides the FIRST year! This product has been my very best friend for 6-7 years now. 

BIGGEST positive about this change is that I CAN SELL it in Kentucky, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Wyoming.

I still can NOT sell it in California, Idaho, or Washington.....sorry about that!

One of the main reasons for the label change is branding. I feel this product will have a stronger presence if I use the manufacturers label instead of my own. I am willing to give up my "dream" of the private label if it will help me reach more people and grow my company.

Because of this label change I am able to offer a little bit
BETTER PRICING to the DIY USER along with PRO PRICING available to any lawn care company. I have the CHEAPEST PRO pricing available. 

Most adjuvants on the market have one goal in mind, and that's to help any given product "stick" to the leaf surface. 

Here is what I have learned about this very unique product. 
  • Stimulate the plant to make its own antibodies and increase plant health.
  • Superior wetting and chelating properties of its active ingredients. 
  • Increase soil microbial activity
  • Decrease the plant's transpiration by 50%, thus reducing plant stress. (SEE BELOW)
  • greatly increase the effect of fungicides, insecticides, and fertilizers by stimulating the plant to rapidly absorb compounds into the leaves, crown, and roots.
  • Kill nematodes and soil borne insects by stimulating soil microbes that attack the adults and eggs. 
  • Stimulate lignin production by the plant to strengthen and stem structure. 
  • OII-YS is safe for ANY grass type or ANY plant
There is NO toxicity to plants, animals, birds, or humans. By increasing the soil microbial activity, it assists in rebuilding soil health which means healthier turf grass. 

Yucca  is a staple ingredient in the food industry and is also used to prepare natural shampoos, cosmetics and liquid soaps. The same properties that make it safe and effective for these products, combined with its excellent wetting characteristics, make yucca a superior agricultural surfactant. 

Chitosan is a natural cationic polymer primarily derived from shellfish. Chitosan’s cationic feature brings excellent adjuvant sticker qualities to this formulation through its ability to chelate organic compounds and minerals. Your result is more healthy plants with increased vitality, vigor and yield.

Why Do You Have To Adjust The pH?
Imagine a truck without truck keys. The truck would be somewhat useless unless you have the keys to start the truck, right? When you adjust the spray solution to a pH of 5 you then "activate", or turn on the OII-YS. 

If you happen to mix a couple of products together that have a natural pH of 5 then no adjustment is needed. You only need to adjust your solution pH when the pH is higher than 5.
If you have never purchased this product before we recommend you get what we call a "Starter Package". The Starter package comes with the OII-YS product (size of your choice), a very high quality pH meter made by Hanna Instruments, Citric Acid, and storage solution for your pH meter. 

This is the EXACT pH meter setup I have been using for years. I have used mine hundreds of times and it still works as good as the day I bought it. Don't be fooled with the cheap pH meters....get the best that money can buy.

Starter packs are available in 1 pint, 1 quart, 1 gallon, 2.5 gallons, or 5 gallons

DIY view "Starter Packs" CLICK HERE.


When you make any OII-YS purchase from the Academy website you get a free PDF download with more info on OII-YS including a few of my "secret" ways of using it..
For folks who have already purchased the "Starter Pack" but you need a refill we offer what's called a "Refill Pack". This Pack is the OII-YS itself + Cirtic Acid. You can get the refill pack either with citric acid or without citric acid. This option is available in 1 pint, 1 quart, 1 gallon, 2.5 gallons, or 5 gallons. 

Remember, you need to own a pH meter and Citric Acid.
OII-YS will
NOT work without pH adjustment. 

DIY view "Refill Packs" CLICK HERE.


When you make any OII-YS purchase from the Academy website you get a free PDF download with more info on OII-YS including a few of my "secret" ways of using it..
Got HEAT STRESS??? Here is my secret friend.... I have been "tricking" my turf for years now to control it's transpiration with the O2 product. The Chitosan that's in O2 "forces" the stomata on the leaves to close tight therefor allowing the turf/plant to hold 50% more water than it typically would. When your turf holds more water it can withstand heat stress much better....water is life!
What can be used with O2-YS....

This is the easy part. OII-YS can be used with pretty much anything you choose to use it with. Of course, we recommend you always do a "jar test" to check compatibility. 

OII-YS works especially well with fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, and liquid fertility like

There are three products that it is not recommended to mix OII-YS with. They are Ai8, Humic12, and D-Thatch. 
To wrap this up I would like to say this is FAR MORE than just an "adjuvant" or "surfactant". Not only will it provide you superior "sticker" qualities but it also provides MAJOR benefits to the soil and for the plant....especially when it comes to heat stress!

Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day to read this email. I hope this answers a lot of the questions that many folks have had about "The Natural Adjuvant". I plan on making some VERY detailed videos on OII-YS this year so be on the look out!

I need a big favor from you please! I ask that you not bombard the OII-YS guys with phone calls. This is why I am here. The OII-YS Company is geared towards Agriculture and not Turf. I will be the guy who "fills in the gap" for both DIY and PRO to answer all your turf questions. Simply reply to this email if you have a question about OII-YS. Thanks in advance for helping with this. 

In case you missed it earlier....
I do have "PRO PRICING" available that is cheaper than buying direct from OII-YS.  MUST OWN/OPERATE A LAWN CARE COMPANY.

Don't forget! The BIGGEST positive about this change is that I CAN SELL it in Kentucky, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Wyoming.

Below you will find the new DIY pricing structure for this product. When you make an OII-YS purchase from WWW.GCITURFACADEMY.COM you will get a confirmation email. There is a document attached to that email that will go over mixing instructions in detail along with some other cool tips on how to use this product. 

Look for me to tell you
EVERYTHING about OII-YS...this is going to blow you away!

Thanks again for all your support! Me and my family appreciate you!


"As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another"
Proverbs 27:17
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