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It's tough right now, but we're hanging in.
Chinatown people are still here.

Chinatown has existed since 1872 - before Fresno became a City. Chinatown people have always been resilient.

That strength can be shown in the restaurants that are still serving up the best food in town. Please print out and USE the Chinatown take-out menu.

What do we have for you this issue?
  • We're hiring!
  • In Memoriam
  • Civic Duties - voting and completing the census
  • And of course, Food for Thought
In Memoriam
Two champions of equality and justice

Tributes to John Lewis | New York Carib News
From 1963
"I appeal to all of you to get into this great revolution that is sweeping this nation. Get in and stay in the streets of every city, every village and hamlet of this nation until true freedom comes, until the revolution of 1776 is complete. To those who have said, "Be patient and wait," we have long said that we cannot be patient. WE do not want our freedom gradually. We are tired. We are tired of being beaten by policemen. We are tired of seeing our people locked up in jail over and over again. We want our freedom and we want it now."

Link to Barack Obama's eulogy of Mr Lewis.
Link to the obituary from the New York Times

WATCH: C.T. Vivian, civil rights pioneer, laid to rest in Atlanta ...
President Barack Obama awards minister and civil rights activist Cordy Tindell "C. T." Vivian the Presidential Medal of Freedom in the East Room of the White House, Wednesday, November 20, 2013, in Washington.

C.T. Vivian

Memorable Quotes
  • People do not choose rebellion, it is forced upon them. Revolution is always an act of self- defense.
  • Blacks have a condition, not a problem Whites have the problem, racism, that creates our condition.
  • In no way would we allow nonviolence be destroyed by violence.
  • We learned how to solve social problems without violence. We cannot allow the nation or the world to ever forget that.
Link to obituary from the New York Times

We're Hiring!
Thanks to funding from the Kresge Foundation, we are hiring!

Join the Chinatown Fresno team! If you're looking for a part-time community engagement position, contact Jan at or 559.859.1763.

Take a look at the job description.

Here is the press release from the Kresge Foundation, showing their support of Fresno place-based organizations through their American Cites Program. Chinatown thanks you, Kresge Foundation!

Register to vote NOW

Unless you're already registered, in which case, thank you!


Check your Registration Status
Find your Districts
Register to Vote Online
Facts For New Citizens
Conditional Voter Registration/Inscripción del Elector Condicional

CENSUS - check this out and complete your census here.
 Wear a mask
The future of cities
Needed reform
For kids, and kids at heart

High Speed Rail
Community Meetings in 2020
All meetings are held at 912 F Street from 5:30 - 6:30 pm

Community Meetings are not currently being held.

BUT . . . we are trying to figure out how we might get everyone together. Stay tuned!

Next possible meeting:
Tuesday, November 10

Have questions? Ask us!

Our office at 912 F Street is temporarily closed.
Contact: Jan Minami, Executive Director, 559.859.1763,
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