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Emotion AI & Voice Weekly gathers the latest relevant headlines, events, and updates all in one place. We make it easier for you to digest Emotion AI news from all over the world, right in your inbox. This weekly digest comes from the minds behind Behavioral Signals, where we’re bridging the communication gap between humans and machines by introducing emotional intelligence, from speech, into conversations with AI.

Weekly Roundup 

  • The Impact of AI on Education

    Technology has played an essential role in the evolution of education in recent decades. While much of the education system still relies on a central curriculum and at times limited teacher resources, technology (mainly AI) is allowing a degree of flexibility and customization that was never before possible. Teachers who adopt a collaborative relationship with AI technology designed for education are finding a robust, reactive platform that can respond to student needs based on not just performance, but emotional state, confidence, and much more.
  • Using Adversarial Training to Recognize Speakers’ Emotions

    A senior applied scientist in the Alexa Speech group goes into how Amazon is working with emotion recognition technology using voice. At this year’s International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, they presented an alternative approach, in which they used a publicly available data set to train a neural network known as an adversarial autoencoder.
  • 91% of Brands are Investing in Voice: How to Make it Work

    A recent study showed that 36% of consumers own a smart speaker (Feb. 2019), a 14 percent jump from just 6 months prior. 75% report using their smart speaker at least daily. Consumers have embraced this new platform, and brands are taking notice.
  • A Glossary For Next-Generation AI

    As business adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) expands rapidly, so does the vocabulary used to describe the technology and the myriad ways companies are putting it to work. While terms such as algorithm, machine learning, and neural networks have become as familiar today as cloud, SaaS and IoT, dozens of new AI terms and trends are already entering the field or rising in importance. Here’s a look at some of those—and why you should become familiar with each.

Upcoming AI Events

  • ReWork: Applied AI Summit San Francisco
    Real-life AI applications, case studies, business insights & results from leading companies leveraging AI to solve problems in enterprise. Co-located with the Deep Reinforcement Learning Summit and AI for Good Summit. 
    Date: June 20-21, 2019
    Location: San Francisco, CA

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