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Newsletter #11
Closing the yield gap: 3 X more production!

Over the past months, we have taken part in quite a few conferences and symposiums. Again and again, the discussion is about ‘how farmers can use tech solutions’.

Not about the actual needs of farmers. If you look at the bottom of the pyramid you see what we call a huge yield gap: the difference between optimal yield and actual yield. And once you understand that production in Africa has the potential to easily triple, you realize that farmers need to be helped.

Farming is a science, and farmers need assistance making the right decisions in order to learn about better practices, other crops and better animal care. Farmers also need to learn how to break away from traditional knowledge and adapt to new knowledge. They have to make a huge leap, and without a good (digital) infrastructure around them, it will never happen.

We take part in these conferences because we want to learn and share the Yielder vision. We also want to contribute to the discussions on IT for agriculture, the ownership of data, and the practical use for SMEs of harvested data and the (tech and IT) innovations in agriculture.

Yielder aims to be on the brink of agricultural, technical, and educational innovation. Accordingly, we have to convince our clients (NGOs and commercial companies training farmers) about the impact of these innovations.

Many organizations seem stuck in the success stories of 10 years ago and are ignoring new, proven developments. There is a world to win and to do that we need comprehensive innovation for success.

That is exactly what our Blended Learning tool is: a proven concept in an innovative form; a perfect blend of the old and the new. Lead farmers, who we train digitally, go into the field to train other farmers.

Armed with tablets with multi-media training courses, the lead farmers organize group sessions close to where the farmers live.

The trainers take the farmers by the hand and make that journey together with them.

They go from traditional farmers with basic, and often outdated, knowledge to becoming knowledgeable agri-entrepeurs with the expertise to make the right farming decisions.

Our trainers are young and tech-savvy guys and gals (more than 50% are women) who have finished a solid agricultural education and are trained by us to become Yielder Ambassadors.  We support them in fulfilling a prominent role in their communities so that their knowledge won’t slip away. Using their skills is key to innovating agriculture in East Africa and improving production.

This can ultimately help to close that yield gap. It is a new version of the traditional extension service: fresh, digital, easy to monitor, and fun.

And it works: The trainers love it, the trainees are super enthusiastic (and keep asking for more training) and our surveys show that the impact is huge: between 55 and 80% of the trainees actually put the lessons into practice, farmers continue discussing options with each other after the training and return to the Yielder Ambassadors to share experiences and ask questions. It is a peer-to-peer exchange of knowledge; holding each other’s hands on the rocky road.

In 2022 Yielder will develop more training with our partners. The content is owned by the partners who have the knowledge and the mandate to share this with farmers. We make that knowledge into attractive training by adding multi-media elements such as video, audio plays, games, cartoons, and quizzes. We’re steadily building the training tree; more branches all the time. The good thing is that our partners want to do more with us. But we need more partners.

We are hungry to grow much faster and the farmers and trainers are hungry too.

Come on board… let’s work together, let’s digitalize your training, and facilitate the lifelong learning of farmers in Africa. This way farmers can close the yield gap, make better decisions, optimize their potential, and earn more money so that we all have better food on the table.

There is so much to do… let’s do it together.

Call us and we’ll make a plan that increases your impact faster than you could ever imagine.

The Yielder team
Nairobi, February 1, 2022
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