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Yielder Newsletter #6
The Robust Farmer!

Just this week the renowned international research institute Coleacp published another report:

Coleacp has been monitoring the impact of the Corona crisis on the East African agriculture sector. The challenges in Kenya are huge. Here’s one quote from the report: Almost 100% of businesses are not able to guarantee a market for their small-scale suppliers, many are unable to pay their outgrowers (37%), and even more are already scaling down on new planting schedules, which will have an impact on future supply and missed revenue and livelihoods for outgrowers in the coming weeks/months.” !

Nothing could have prevented us from the enormous impact of this bizarre crisis, but some precautions could have made farmers, and the entire agriculture sector, more resilient. The professionalization of the agriculture sector cannot take place without digitalization.

Creating transparency in value chains is essential for reducing risks for farmers and putting better food on our plates. Yielder was developed to safeguard financial stability for farmers, food safety and food security, and all of this is being jeopardized now not only by the Corona pandemic, but by major factors such as the locust plague and climate change. Now is the time for us to stand up and contribute with Yielder so that we can help strengthen the agriculture sector and make farmers more resilient.


Digital is a tool: Blended Learning

Since the onset of Corona many NGOs have contacted us to develop Blended Learning strategies. Their aim is to reach many thousands of farmers and we can help them do that: the organizations will be able to realize their targets and together we can prove that Blended Learning is the way forward. Until now, the results have been nothing short of amazing: our Yielder Ambassadors are working as trainers in the field, reaching the farmers who are happy to get this support.

The blended and remote learning tools in the Yielder app are a crucial innovation for reaching even more farmers and training them to be more resilient: in the choices they make, the connections they have and the innovations they have access to — all making them more competitive. Education and training is an essential ingredient in the sustainability of value chains.


Yielder Ambassadors

How it works: our Ambassadors —lead farmers, graduates of agri universities, agrovets and outreach officers from NGOs — are out in the field. From our offices, we help these young tech-savvy agripreneurs strengthen their role in their communities and become trainers. The combination of remote learning and the training of small groups has proven to be a breakthrough. Corona is limiting the numbers in these groups but the outreach is nevertheless much bigger than it would be by traditional means. The Ambassadors are paid to become trainers. Armed with tablets and smart phones, they can train farmers and conduct tests and exams. The trainings are ownedby the NGOs, and Yielder functions as the communication and monitoring platform. The farmers who complete the training are granted certificates by the NGOs and these certificates lead to access to loans, discounts on inputs or more trainings.

The app allows the Ambassadors to do simple “bookkeeping” of their trainees, keeping track of their results and providing a nice overview of the workflow. From our “stations” we can see how the Ambassadors are doing and can support them to track and monitor their successes, just like those of the individual trainees.

We are now in the midst of developing new trainings that are either “open,” (intended for anyone to follow), or “closed,” (if an NGO requires this because of copyrights, certifications or policy). The training database is growing and we are happily welcoming more trainings from other NGOs, more Ambassadors, more NGOs to use these training facilities and of course, more farmers wishing to be trained.

During these confusing times Yielder is actively helping to reach out, create impact and make farmers robust.


Amsterdam/ Nairobi June 10th, 2020


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