Outer Reef Owners Spend Quality Time
with Their "Favorite Child"
FAVORITE CHILD, a 2007 650 Outer Reef Motoryacht,
enjoying a peaceful moment in Oxford, Maryland.
Gary and Betsy, a lovely cruising couple from Colorado, certainly did their research. With a passion for cruising and exploration, this couple left no stone unturned while searching for their perfect yacht…one that would be user friendly while owner-operated, handle all types of seas safely, and ultimately join them in life's journey as their FAVORITE CHILD. While working with Outer Reef Sales Representative Kevin Blake, based in Seattle, Washington, this couple visited Outer Reef at several boat shows around the country, patiently taking mental notes while unknowingly ingratiating themselves within the Outer Reef team and family. In regard to working with the couple, Kevin stated, "I thoroughly enjoyed working with Gary and Betsy throughout the years.  Like many of our Outer Reef clients, the purchase requires immense research on the different brands that are available and can take several years to complete.  Gary and Betsy were no different, as it took close to 3 years for them to pull the trigger.  It took timing and the 100% commitment that Outer Reef was the perfect yacht for their years of cruising.  At the end of the day, I gained a great friendship and Outer Reef gained great family members."
In 2018 during their research phase, Betsy and Gary attended an Outer Reef christening event at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show.
Once GILA RINA II, a 2007 Outer Reef 650 Motoryacht came onto the market, Kevin quickly alerted the couple to her availability and potential, and they were intrigued. From that point forward, it was clear - this was the yacht that would make their family complete! Purchased the last day of 2019, this year, FAVORITE CHILD has enjoyed a memorable journey throughout east coast cruising grounds of the U.S. At times, Gary and Betsy’s three children have been able to join them for these adventures, and even provided this yacht her memorable name.

Betsy stated, "Since Gary and our son are both 6'6" tall, the Outer Reef was one of the few yachts that provided essential head room. Overall, we love the space and storage on this sturdy yacht.  I even have my sewing machine aboard and have made a couple of quilts in my early morning down time. In terms of our journeys and destinations, we love hiking around and exploring the small towns we visit.  We get numerous compliments every day, 'Wow, that is a beautiful boat' …and we think so too."

Betsy has willingly shared some of her favorite photos from this journey, and apologetically stated, "I know you'd like photos of our cruising adventures…but we have been so busy...having fun!" 
We forgive you Betsy and Gary - because that is EXACTLY what you are meant to be doing.

Congratulations and enjoy!
FAVORITE CHILD in Chesapeake Bay, Maryland
Chesapeake Bay is the largest inlet in the Atlantic Coastal Plain
of the Eastern United States.
Sunrise in Chestertown, Maryland
Chestertown, the county seat of Kent, is located on the Eastern Shore
of Maryland's oldest county.
Stunning photo captured by the owners of Favorite Child
Gary and Betsy (left) celebrating the joys of Outer Reef ownership with Sandy and Dan (right), owners of 610 Outer Reef SANDANA in Stuart, Florida.
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