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Sustaining the Spirit of Shakti in the Dance of Life
Level 2 - 11/17 August 2019
Gallese Retreat - Swara Rasa Lila

You are warmly invited to immerse yourself in the ever-evolving Teachings of Shakti Dance® with Sara Avtar ~ connecting, cross-pollinating and recharging with our international Sangat of Teachers for this year's Level 2: Swara Rasa Lila

A playful encounter of great spiritual depth!
This year we focus on the transformative effect of Mantric Choreographies in geometrical group constellations.

We will unite, sing and move together as One. In our group constellated movement, we will embody and unlock enlightened states encoded in a few carefully chosen mantras. Our offerings, will be enhanced by the musical sentiment of the original Raags, in which the mantras were composed.

The geometry of the movements, dance steps and constellations will be designed to, capture, reflect, express and enhance the sonic patterns encoded in the sound current of the sacred mantras.

Repeating with awareness the geometric patterns of sound and movement (jaapa), with precise sonic and spatial relationships, we weave together an atmosphere highly charged with Sacred Presence ~ Swara: Vortices of Light, realigning and harmonising our conditioned consciousness to coherence and transparency. This attunement will enable the peaceful flow of our true nature, Shanta Rasa ~ Blissful Being.

After each Mantric Choreography session, we will take time to integrate the effects, giving space for the Light of Being to shine with radiance in still, silent meditation. Equal duration will be dedicated to Silent Meditation as to each Mantric Choreography.

For 3 full days of the 6-day retreat we will immerse ourselves, alternating between Mantric Choreographies and Silent Meditation, while keeping silence in the breaks - that the experience may distill into deep communion with the Source.

On the last day we will gradually return to verbal communication and celebrate in united mind and heart the Sacred Play (Swara Rasa Lila) we have shared - that our mergence of Creative Spirit may continue to guide our way on…

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Expanding Your Potential with more Shakti Dance® Practices:

New: Saraswati Mantric Choreography Video ~ Out Now on YouTube!
Here, the first fruit of the 'filming project' in Maheshwar this last January. A most beautifully filmed testimony to the magical group experience we shared on the banks of the River Narmada and in the Ahilyeshwar Temple:
A practice to tune you to the Creative Wisdom of 'Saraswati'.

To accompany this Mantric Choreography, Sara Avtar will also soon release a 25 minute series of 'Shakti Flowing Asanas', to Stimulate your Power of Flowing Creation. 
Saraswati Mantric Choreography: Sourcing Creative Wisdom
Reserved Area ~ New Video Uploads:

Shakti Flowing Asana Sequence, to Release Neck & Shoulder Tension
As promised, we have uploaded this new video with Sara Avtar, filmed in Gallese, SD L2 TT 2012. To inspire your practice!
Mere Ram Celestial Communication ~ 40 Day Practice!
Also new to the Reserved Area is this 'Mere Ram' Celestial Communication, by Sara Avtar, to Snatam Kaur's version from her album 'Ras'.

We invite you to join us for this 40 Day Celestial Communication practice - for all Shakti Dance® Teachers! To help us all unite in the Arms of the Beloved - and feel more deeply the cosy subtle connection between us.

Starting Monday June 10th,
Ending Saturday July 22th,

We will practice together this Celestial Communication 'To Connect with the Inner Beloved'. Its rhythmic pulse synchronises us with the flow of life in our environment and circumstance. It nourishes our inner relationship with True Being, giving a relaxed sense of inner support and cosiness... followed by a restful sleep, if practiced in the evening.

We will share our experiences and support each other on the FaceBook Shakti Dance Teachers Group.
If you are not already a member of this Group, please let us know and we will add you.
'Mere Ram' ~ Join us for 40 Days of this Celestial Communication Practice!
Recent Shakti Dance® Event News:
11. & 12. May: YogaMar Fest, celebrating 50 Years of 3HO, organized by Yoga & Musica in Alicante, while contemporarily celebrating The Shakti Dance® Day at Shunia in Barcelona!
Nataša Siri Amrit Teaching at Shakti Dance® Day, Barcelona, 11th May 2019
24.-28. April: Shakti Dance® Easter Retreat at Riederwald, in Allgäu ~ beautiful moments while tapping into the Easter energy of Rebirth...
Our beloved German Sangat opening up to and welcoming the New Life Easter brings to all!
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