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2020: A Year of Achievement 
This was the year the government finally registered our school! And thanks to our supporters, and despite the problems of this horrific year, we’ve accomplished nearly everything we planned, including:

We acquired two dairy cows, and subsequently calves
We now have milk, because you see, we don’t do things by halves.

Visiting Volunteer Thomas was a knowledgeable source
In First Aid for emergencies, he gave a nifty course.

The schools were shut down for three months, by government decree
We still paid our teachers though - nothing comes for free!

We bought a second school bus, it's been painted yellow
It looks just like the first one: that is, it’s rather mellow!

We added two more classrooms, on the second floor;
The stairs were added later when the builder found out what they’re for.

The inspectors came, but failed to find anything not permissible 
But then declared, ‘All classrooms must be wheelchair accessible’.

They said that we should build a ramp, but it would be too long;
With a counter-balanced wheelchair lift, we could not go wrong

It’s gravity powered and it really works; it’s really rather clever
But asked if we’ve seen wheelchairs here; we'd likely answer, ‘Never!’

The inspectors came round once again; they made another call;
They said, ‘You need more washrooms and a wall around it all!’

We’ve hired eight more teachers to start in twenty-one;
We’ll have four pre- and four pri-mary classes: lotsa fun!

With a hundred fifty kids in school, and thirty-five living here
The need for a big new kitchen was really very clear

And we needed a great big culvert, just for torrential rain
So we built the kitchen on top of it, and the water goes down the drain

Twenty twenty ended with a great big celebration;
Twenty eight kindergarteners had their graduation.
Mums from the village paraded all the way
With lotsa signs and singing; a very special day!

But our registration is the year’s really big thing
You can hear the drums; if we had bells they’d ring!

So our thanks to you for your constant support;
We can’t express our gratitude as much as we ought.
We’re not finished yet and there’s lots more to do
But we’re well on our way, and it’s all thanks to you!

Stay tuned for our next newsletter outlining our 2021 goals!
Congratulations! Hongera Sana to Sara!
Right: Sara. Sara came to the Vijaliwa Vingi residential program last year. She had been heavily abused by her family, and had been prevented from attending school when she turned 13. This year, she has beat all the odds and graduated from grade 7! Our hearts swell with love and pride for her.
Left: Sara with two teachers in training and grounds keeper Daudi. 
A Review of 2020 in Pictures
Top: Thomas (University of Ottawa, pre-med) with teachers Clevina, Jackie, Edna, Thomas, Maria, Ester, Medalina, and Vicki. Bottom: The busses and the completed primary school building. 
The stairs and gorgeous, airy, bright interior of the new primary school classrooms. 
Elevators without a power source proved difficult for the builders. With some brainstorming sessions with Lynda (Project Director) and Patrick (Chairman), the counter balance elevator was created! The child is wheeled into and secured safely in the bottom box, and weight is added to the top box to lift them up.  
The first wall has gone up beside the foundation of the new girls' dormitory. This is on the west side of the property.
Tanzania has not put any COVID-19 safety protocols in place, as there have not been any reported cases of COVID-19 in the country. However, we have put some Canadian health and safety protocols in place. 
Top: Socially distancing the pre-primary's, which teacher Maria and Vicki do their best to uphold, even with these wiggly youngsters!
Bottom left: Msemwa (Ditrick), general manager of Vijaliwa Vingi checks the temperatures of children arriving for school. Bottom right: VV board member Mary Liwa showing children the correct way to wash their hands. 
Top: Aerial photo of all the students in our residential program. We are very proud of the diversity in our programs. There are children and staff from many tribes and religions learning together.  Bottom left: The residential students waiting with their teacher Vicki for the community children to arrive. Bottom right: 28 kindergrads!
Top: Construction of the new kitchen. You can see the grate to the culvert in the bottom right corner of the photo. Bottom left: The new kitchen added onto the dining hall behind the playground. Bottom right: The new pass through from kitchen to dining hall! This will be much appreciated during rainy season. 
Left: Girl time! Mary Liwa with five Man’gati girls who came to the residential program when their father was killed in the herders valley farmers war. Also enjoying the fun is Zulea. Mary Liwa is a strong, resourceful, and educated woman who is a wonderful role model and mentor for the children at Vijaliwa Vingi. We are so lucky to have her! Right: New resident cutie pie, Katie! Daughter of VV's new secretary. 
Donor's Corner
As you can see, this year has been a year of great achievement, growth, and exponential increase in the quality of life for the residential children, and children of neighboring communities. We are honored that you have chosen to donate to CanaDares. We thank you for your ongoing support in our quest for the healthy development of Tanzanian children in difficult circumstances.

If you have been interested in donating to CanaDares, but are not interested in committing to regular monthly donations, our online donations make it possible for one time donations. 
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For those interested in monthly donations, our PAR form is available below.
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Lynda Kearns  Project Director
Patrick Brown  Chairman of the Board
Tegan Ness     Board Member
Barb Phillips    Board Member
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