3rd August 2018

Nine young Victorians attended the Chosen Leadership Week held by the Australian Union Conference with mentors Brianna Hailey and Michael Stekla.
Live With Purpose. The more I think about it, the more I realise this is what so many people are longing to do.  Last night I listened to a video on Youtube where an Atheist compares the views of the famous academics Sam Harris (Atheist) and Jordan Peterson (believes in a higher power.)  The interesting thing was that the Atheist concluded the video by saying that he had some disagreements with Sam Harris. He even hinted that he might be agnostic now, as compared to Atheistic. Why? Jordan Peterson had challenged him on the flaws of a naturalist worldview. The major flaw - there is no meaning to life in a naturalists worldview. According to the naturalist we human beings came about by random chance and one day the universe will cool, implode, or wind up, and our species will cease to exist.

Notice how the former supreme court justice, and philosophical thinker, Oliver Wendell Homes Jr reflects on the Naturalist worldview:

"If one thinks coldly a modern person has to admit that there is no reason for attributing to a man a  significance different in kind from that which belongs to a baboon or a grain of sand"

In other words, if we came about by random chance, and one day it's all going to wind up, what meaning does my life have? In reality, I'm no more valuable than a baboon or a grain of sand. Some people, of course, will try to create their own purpose in things like family, riches, or humanitarian aid. While there is certainly value in some of these things, when we look at the big picture, these things don't give an all-sufficient purpose. Notice what the philosopher Professor Thomas Nagel says - 

"Even if you create a great work of literature which continues to be read thousands of years from now, eventually the solar system will cool or the universe will wind down and collapse and all trace of your effort will vanish.... The problem is that although there are justifications for most things big and small that we do within life, none of these explanations explain the point of your life as a whole.... It wouldn't matter if you had never existed.  And after you have gone out of existence, it won't matter that you did exist'.        

The flaws of naturalistic worldview. We can find meaning in the things we do day to day, in the relationships we have, in the pursuits of this life, but in this framework, there is no meaningful beginning and no hopeful future. No wonder so many people are troubled. So where do we find purpose? I know a 'Guy'.  He said something like this:

"I am the way and the truth and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me." - John 14:6

On the 13th and 14th and 20th - 21st of July we presented this 'Guy' to the young people of Melbourne at an event called "Live With Purpose". We connected with our youth leaders and Life Group leaders and  encouraged them to invite their non-Christian friends. Between 70-100 people attended the evening meetings and a number of people made a decision to learn more about Jesus Christ. It's early days, but we feel God moving. We hope, dream, and pray that the missional movement that God is leading amongst our youth will continue to thrive! Stay in tune for "Live With Purpose" 2019!

PS: Here is the link to video I mentioned in case you are interested -

Simon Gigliotti
VicYouth Assistant Director
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Winter Recharge is 2 weeks away.  Have you registered yet?  Registrations close August 6th.  For more details on the amazing speaker  - Celia Kemp and to register now see:
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If you are 13-18 (High School Age) and looking to make new friends, have an awesome day of worship, enjoy some good food (lunch and afternoon tea is provided), and learn about how to deal with challenges of your high school years in a safe environment, then come along and join us.  This year we are looking at Faith, Science, Reason, Doubt, and God.

Elevate will be held at Hillcrest College - 500 Soldiers Road, Clyde North, Victoria  3978.
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Adventist Mission has launched its second student film contest titled My Story, My Mission.  The goal is to inspire young people to use their media talents for God! Students are encouraged to submit 60-second films that show how mission is alive today. They can film (or animate) their own mission story, or tell the story of someone they know!
This is for young people aged between 18-25. The deadline is August 31st 2018.  Full details and rules are available at
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Adventurer Camporee brochure is out now, for more details see:  Adventurer Camporee Brochure
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The Camporee is aimed at Adventurer-aged children (4-9 year olds) and their families, however children who do not fit into this age bracket ware welcome too, and are welcome to participate in the whole weekend.
Save the Date for the upcoming Youth Rally in October.  The Friday night program will be held at Nunawading Church and the Saturday program will be held at Nunawading Christian College followed by lunch.  Plan now to be there!
In its second-year Fun Mudder is only getting bigger and better! This is going to be a great event to bring your Pathfinder Club and community connections too.  To register now please see below link:
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Don't miss this opportunity! The AUC Pathfinder Camporee that only takes place every four years will be right on our doorstep this year.  Molesworth is only 1 hour and 49 minutes from Melbourne's city center.  Join 3500 Pathfinders from around Australia for an experience of a lifetime.  For more details see Unstoppable.
Also a reminder that the Early Bird Rate ends September 2nd.
You can be part of one of the most exciting youth events around the world! The 2019 Chosen International Pathfinder Camporee is held in Oshkosh, WI.  Every 5 years 50,000 Pathfinders from around 100 countries come to play, share, learn and wroship together.  It's an opportunity of a lifetime; sure to strengthen your relationship with God.  For more information see: Chosen - Osh Kosh Camporee or if you are interested in attending this event in 2019 contact VicYouth for more information.
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