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Volunteering at Parliament

From Luca, ESYL:
On Tuesday the 7th of November, Charlie and I from 2nd Edgware Scout Group went to the Houses of Parliament to represent the Scouting movement at the State Opening of Parliament, with 13 other Scouts from North London. 

We went the day before, in the afternoon to rehearse for the main event. This included our formation in front of the Peer’s entrance (the back entrance), we went over what to do on the day. We also met James and Terry, who guided us around Parliament. 

We were mainly with Terry during our visit, as he had the job of guiding the King’s carriage to the entrance. He told us the history of his role. In the past as the carriage approached, the King’s coachman could not see where they had to go, so they needed someone with a big red coat to guide them, so the coachmen then knew where to aim for, fittingly calling the person “Red Coat". 

We also practiced our formation, as it had to be a symmetrical V-shape, which you may have seen on the telly! We then rehearsed where we had to stand inside the House of Lords corridors to give the Lords directions. Charlie and I were both holding signs that showed the Lords to the Lord Chancellor's party, which I only realised afterwards was the really tall one with the long wig and the black robes. Then we went home for the night.
His Majesty's carriage (left) drives past Scouts in formation (right, in the shade). Credit: BBC
When we came back the next morning, AT 7:30!!, we got told again what we had to do by Terry. Our first job was opening doors. We started by opening doors at the Peers Entrance for Ambassadors coming to the State Opening of Parliament. The Ambassadors were from all different countries, like Italy and the Vatican; we also saw the Lords arriving. After almost an hour and a half, we got into our formation, waiting for the parade and the King to go past. We stood in the formation for an hour until the King pulled into the gates of the House of Parliament. 

It was very cold that day, and I remember well forgetting how to walk when we went inside afterwards! After we went inside, we were faced with our third and final job, sign holding. We held signs that directed the Lords towards the places they needed to go. I saw the Lord Chancellor going to his own “party”, as this was my sign! The Lords were very friendly. After 45 minutes, we were collected by James and taken outside. All in all, it was a very fun experience, and I really enjoyed it. 

Scouts at the Cenotaph

Five days later Scouts were then helping at the Cenotaph for Remembrance Sunday. Another impressive task - well done to all who took part. You can read the full report in the latest North Circular.

F2BG2 history project

From Andrew Rush:

We've made a huge amount of progress with our project to document the history of the old Finchley, Friern Barnet & Golders Green District. You can see the results here.
On the website there's now information about 28 Groups and sections, King's and Queen's Scouts, Achievements and St George's Day Parades, with lots more to come.

We'd love to hear from anyone with information about the District, so please get in touch. This could include anything from personal memories and stories to historical documents and photographs. We're also interested in hearing from anyone who may have memorabilia from the District, such as uniforms, badges, or plaques.

We are particularly interested in hearing from former Scouts, leaders, and volunteers, so if you're in touch with anyone please ask them to contact us.

To share your information, memories, or photos, please email

Help us with our history

On a similar note, we are looking for someone to officially take up the role of District Archivist, to look after our historical material. This includes the former Hendon & Edgware District, and Barnet District (as well as the previously mentioned FFBGG District).

It has been proposed that an archive room will be part of the new Frith Grange development - we need someone who can help build and organise this room. This is quite a unique opportunity for anyone interested in local history or curating. If you're up for it, or have any questions, please drop an email to Bill here.

With that in mind, Groups are encouraged to keep hold of any memorabilia they have that could be worth keeping in the new archive room (Get in touch with Drew or Bill if you have questions about what's worth keeping).

Skills Day

Save the dates - 27th & 28th January. Join in for a Skills Day at Frith Grange. More details to follow...

1st & 3rd New Barnet Cubs

From Tracey, District Commissioner:
Come January the 1st & 3rd New Barnet Cub Pack will need help on a Tuesday evening to run their meetings, until we can find someone.

If you feel that you can help, please let me know.

Barnet's first Acorn Awards

From Angela, 8th Hendon:
After a year of going on adventures, exploring nature and helping their friends, two of our Squirrels are the first to proudly earn their Chief Scout’s Acorn Award. Well done, Domenico and Honey!

Beavers embrace the autumn

From Gill Young, ADC Beavers:
80 excited Beavers gathered at Frith on Sunday morning. They were all clad in their hi vis jackets waiting to take part in the Beaver Autumn Walk.

Armed with instructions for the hike and photos of landmarks, the 10 Colonies set off at 5-minute intervals to complete the walk. They were asked to identify trees on route and look out for wildlife along the way.

The walk took them down Frith Lane, across to the Golf Club and onto Dollis Valley Walk. Along the way some were spotted playing Pooh Sticks. The walk took an hour, so there were some hungry Beavers that returned in time for a lunch of Hot Dogs, crisps, and fruit.
After lunch the Beavers tackled the Navigator Stage 1 badge. They had to locate themselves on the map, find OS symbols, learn about the cardinal points of a compass, and draw a map of their local area. So, a very busy day for the Beavers.

Huge thanks to the many helpers we had on the day. We had great feedback from the Colonies and parents, so it looks like an activity to repeat again.

Each Beaver earnt their Hike Badge and Navigator Stage 1, and there must have been a few ticks for the Challenge Badges too.

Ready Steady Cook results

From Andy, ADC Cubs:
All the groups were given a bag with a variety of vegetables, mushrooms, 1/4 of a melon, tinned tomatoes, fairy cakes and some fruit. On the central table there were a variety of herbs, olive oil, stock cubes, rice, pasta, cheese and mixed beans. They had 50 minutes to produce a 3 course meal for 2 people. The overall winners were the 11th Finchley.

YL Training Weekend

Last week lots of our Young Leaders met for the annual training weekend. As well as 60 modules ticked off, the mini Monopoly Run in London was a highlight (as was dinner!)
YL training returns in January - scroll down for the calendar...

In case you missed it


Activity Badge Afternoon
Sunday 4th February

Dominoes Competition 2024
Sunday 17th March

Beaver Sleepover
11th - 12th May weekend

Train Afternoon
Saturday 22nd June

Beavers & Cubs Fun Day
Saturday 6th July


Swimming Gala
Sunday 21st January

District Quiz
Monday 5th February

Night Hike
Saturday 2nd March

Chess Competition
Sunday 28th April

Rafting Day
Sunday 5th May

Beavers & Cubs Fun Day
Saturday 6th July

Cubs & Scouts Fun Day
6th - 7th July weekend


Swimming Gala
Sunday 28th January

Water Activity Day
Sunday 2nd June

Cubs & Scouts Fun Day
6th - 7th July weekend


Module A
Wednesday 10th January

Module TBC
Wednesday 13th March

Module TBC
Wednesday 8th May

Module TBC
Wednesday 12th June

Module TBC
Wednesday 10th July

With DofE training shared throughout
Full details on OSM



St. George's Day Parade
Sunday 21st April

Picnic at Frith
Sunday 16th June


District team meeting
Monday 8th January

GSLs meeting
Wednesday 10th January

Beaver Leaders meeting
Wednesday 10th January

District team meeting
Monday 8th April

GSLs meeting
Wednesday 10th April

View the full District calendar here

External events

GLN training courses
Spring term 2024
For Leaders

Southern 50
Saturday 10th February

For Explorers

Monopoly Run Live 2024
Saturday 2nd March

For Scouts, Explorers & Leaders

Fundays: The Games
8th & 9th June weekend

For Squirrels, Beavers & Cubs

Takeover Gilwell
August 2024
For Cubs, Scouts & Explorers

Programme inspiration

Trying a new sport is often a programme highlight (and part of the Cubs Skills challenge) but not always easy to do in the winter months. 20th Finchley have recently tested out Parkour - perhaps an idea for next term's programme?

Season's greetings

A Happy Hanukah to all celebrating! The Scouts media team joined the 20th Finchley Cubs to learn all about the festival. Here's a useful explainer video they put together.
Other groups are getting into the Christmas spirit - here's Evo ESU at Winter Wonderland:
And 6th Friern Barnet are brightening up their local Waitrose, with carol singing and bag packing.
Other groups are off on end of year outings and even festive camps. However you're wrapping up 2023, have a great time - there's lots to celebrate!
Wishing you all a merry festive break, and all the best for the new year...


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