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This week’s edition of our Weekly Cadence covers

  • No matter if the races are getting canceled “Stay motivated” and let us know your running goal for 2022

  • Calf Raises are a thing and help you in more ways than you are aware of

  • Looking for a rocker shoe - Asics Glide Ride 2 is the featured shoe this week

  • Curious about how Shalane Flanagan’s ran six marathons in 7 weeks, read about it and more in the World of Running.

  • Check out our selection of best running shoes of 2021

We wish you a very happy new year! Happy reading and happy running!!!

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Shoe of the Week - Asics Glideride 2

Glideride 2 is the middle of the class in the “Ride” series of shoes from Asics just below Metaride. Glideride 2 is a rocker and uses Flytefoam and GuideSole technology similar to what we can find in Evoride 2. In addition Glideride 2 adds a Eva plate in the midsole to make the transition at push-off super fast. At about 252g for Men’s US 9, it is lighter than the earlier edition of Glideride. If you are looking for a sub 10k rocker shoe with a plate that is optimized for good bounce, fast ride and economical stride, Glideride 2 is a good option to consider.

Workout of the week -Calf Raises & Calf Raises with Heel Drop

The calf Raises drill is one of the easiest exercises to perform. It has two variations. The first variation involves calf-raise from the flat heel position. The second variation includes calf-raise with heel-drop.

Calf Raises help runners in multiple ways. At a basic level, it helps strengthen calf muscles, that includes posterior tibialis. Posterior Tibialis plays an important role in controlling the foot arch, hence calf-raises are a good drill to build a strong foot arch and control the pronation and foot stability. The second variation includes heel-drop also helps in stretching the calf, ankle & plantar, and adds further difficulty to Calf Raises.

How to do it?

This drill needs a step and support of wall or railing

  • Stand on the step; with weight on the toes, and for balance hold a grill or wall with your hands as shown in the figure A

  • Then raise yourself on the toes all the way, and hold it for 2-3 seconds as shown in the figure B

  • Once you are in the position, bring your heels all the way down

    • In calf-raises drill (first variation), hold the heel position once you reach the horizontal position as shown in figure A

    • In calf-raises with heel-drop (second variation), bring the heel down all the way (not touching the ground) so the calf feels the full stretch as shown in the figure C.

  • Bring the heel back to position as show in figure A.

  • Repeat this as many times as prescribed.

When to do it?

Do it twice in a week with 20 to 30 repetitions as part of your strength training. Once you are used to doing it with both legs; try doing it with only one leg while the other leg is taken off from the ground.

Highlights from the World of Running

Study: New research shows that applying KT tape with light tension can reduce pain

Over the last decade, Kinesio tape has become popular among athletes and sports rehab specialists to help alleviate the pain from some injuries. Over that time, several studies have been done to assess the tape’s efficacy, with inconclusive results. A recent study took another stab at the topic and determined the tape is more than just a placebo — as long as you use the appropriate amount of tension. The study concluded with finding KT tape as a helpful tool to keep recovery in check but also warned to be mindful of how much tension is used when applying it. The maximum benefit from the tape is possible only if it is applied properly. Read more here

How Shalane Flanagan Ran Six Fast Marathons in Seven Weeks?

Four-time Olympian and NYC marathon winner Shalane Flanagan came out of retirement to run six of the Abbott World Marathon Majors in one season. She ran Berlin, London, Chicago, Boston, Tokyo, and New York in a seven-week span, in a project she called Project Eclipse. If you are like us, you will be curious to know how she was able to run all of them successfully? Interestingly the endeavor is not as well planned to the T as we assume. Here is a detailed account of how she finished project Eclipse, the ups, and downs; right from goal setting, planning, nutrition support, and more.

Ethiopia’s Berihu Aregawi and Ejegayehu Taye shatter 5K world records

2021 has been the year of world records. On the final day of the year, Ethiopian runners Berihu Aregawi and Ejegayehu Taye broke the men's and women’s 5k world records respectively. Aregawi ran 5k in 12:49 to beat Joshua Cheptegei’s previous record by two seconds. Taye ran 14:19 over 5K in her second road race as a professional. Read more here

Upcoming Races

  • Celebrate Life! Mysuru Half Marathon & 10K: January 30, 2022

  • AFLI Kolkata Full Marathon: February 6, 2022

  • Munnar Marathon: February 12-13, 2022

  • Manipal Marathon: February 13, 2022

  • IDBI New Delhi Marathon: February 27,2022

  • Pune International Marathon: February 27, 2022


Shoe Geeks - Best Running Shoes of 2021

2021 has been a transformative year for running shoes, especially in India. In the last 3 years, the running shoes landscape has changed from EVA based midsoles, and rather thin racing flats to high stacks, lightweight foams, and carbon plates. Especially for runners in India, the choices of quality running shoes are plenty now. Brands like Saucony, Brooks, Hoka, Skechers are now very well known among the runners.

We have made a short list of the top running shoes for the year based on two factors. First is the editorial inputs from a small team of runners and the second based on the data that we have gathered from the viewer traffic to our website. Given the running shoes are so specialized our awards are further classified into different categories.

Follow the link to read our picks.

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2021 has been a comeback year in the world of marathon racing after having skipped most of the races in 2020 amidst the ongoing pandemic. The year however didn’t shy from breaking the world records specially during the last quarter.

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