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I look forward to writing the editor's note. It's generally the experiences and conversations I had with fellow runners and friends that transcend into this space.

Last week I was chatting with one of my fellow runners and he mentioned, running allows me to be with my family and friends. I run to have fun and in the due course I get to experience my sleep, focus, and eating habits are improved. That morning hour is like the garden of Eden for me.

His voice was sincere and eye had a tinkle. I wish and hope we all find our bliss. Till then stay safe and happy reading.

- Aditi Pandya

Shoe of the Week

Asics Gel Cumulus is a versatile daily trainer that fits in the budget. In its 23rd version, one can never go wrong with selecting Gel Cumulus. Gel Cumulus has softer cushioning compared to other daily trainers such as Nike Pegasus, Saucony Kinvara, and offers a very comfortable ride. With Gel Cumulus 23 release, earlier edition Gel Cumulus 22 is now offered at discount.

Continuing our series of workouts/drills to improve running form, our next workout helps the upper body posture (courtesy:

Workout of the week - Foot Doming / Arch Domes

Foot stability is a common issue among runners and causes a variety of other issues including pelvic drop, knee rotation, and excessive ground contact times. At RunMechanics 50% of the runners we anlayzed have foot stability issues. The common cause of instability is overpronation.

Strengthening the Foot Core

At the first hint of foot overpronation, most runners resort to stability shoes or shoe inserts. As runners, we all appreciate strong core (trunk, hip, and other small muscles), for performance and injury prevention, the muscles that control the foot are often ignored. Foot doming / Arch domes / Short foot as a proven workout to build a strong foot arch, which is a common cause of overpronation.

How to do it?

Start position: Setup for the workout requires standing on both feet in a neutral position

  • Keep the foot relaxed on the ground

  • Now try actively shortening the foot, by pulling the ball of the foot towards the heel to lift the arch (like a dome), by using the muscles that control the arch.

  • Hold the arch for 5 seconds and relax the foot again

  • Repeat it for 5 sets of 20 repetitions

Ensure your toes continue to stay on the ground, while you lift the arch. Please see the picture below

Highlights from the World of Running

Unbreakable 24 hour record broken

Lithuanian Aleksandr Sorokin has done it again, this time setting a new 24-hour world record by running 309.400 kilometers at the 2021 UltraPark Weekend 24 Hour race in Poland on August 28 and 29, 2021. The distance is still to be confirmed. Incredibly, to achieve this record, he ran an average pace of 4:39 minutes per kilometer for 24 hours. This represents an improvement of almost six kilometers on what was previously thought to be almost-unbreakable 24-hour records set by Greek ultrarunning legend Yiannis Kouros of 303.506 kilometers on the track in 1997. In April this year, Sorokin also set new 150-kilometer, 12-hour, and 100-mile world records at an event in England. Read more here

Apla Pune Marathon 2021 results

Full result here

Mumbai Stadium Run 2021 results

Full result here

Dawn to Dusk Hyderabad Stadium Run 2021 results

Full result here


🎧 The World of Running Podcast Ep11: All About Running Shoes

In this podcast episode, we talk all about running shoes.

  • Evolution of running shoes

  • The art & science of shoe selection

  • Performance, biomechanics, and running shoes

  • Future of running shoes

The guest for the episode is Brian Metzler. Brian is the author of the book Kicksology: The Hype, Science, Culture, and Cool of Running Shoes. He is a trail runner, a freelance journalist writing on various running topics, running gear, and everything running-related. Brian is the founding editor and associate publisher of Trail Runner and Adventure Sports magazines.

Earlier on @geeksnofeet

Nike’s Pegasus series, a daily trainer from the brand, is now in it’s 38th iteration with the launch of Nike Pegasus 38 this year. Intended to be the shoe for every runner, the shoe has seen some of the world’s best distance runners training with it.

Can you guess in which year was the 1st edition launched?

The answer to last week’s quiz is 1968’s Summer Paralympics, held in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Congratulations to

Shalu Bajaj @fitnesswithshalu and Sanjeev Patel @spatel71 (Insta) and

Manoj Gupta @oemanoj and Vijay A M @vijayam2137 (Twitter)

for correct answer to last week’s quiz

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