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Once the dust settles and the jamboree ends, starts a new quest for better and bigger targets. As a runner, I dreamt of running a marathon and once it was achieved, I dreamt of achieving a particular timing. When the timing was achieved, to be honest I was not sure if it made me as happy as debuting for the marathon.

I'm trying to relate my big and small thoughts; with the athletes who just left the Olympics village to go back home. Athletes who are finally united with their loved ones, eat their favorite food and check their social media account. Will they be grappling with the same questions as me?!

This constant need to get better has killed me a bit.. I'm trying to be content with my present; and I find it very difficult.

Do share your quest for better and bigger targets. Until then, stay safe and happy reading.

- Aditi Pandya

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Workout of the week - Hill Repeats

Hill repeats are the best workout to build a combination of strength, speed and endurance for runners (all at the same time), unmatched by any other workout. Hill repeats also help improving the running form.

How to do it?

Find a hill that is challenging but not very steep, that we cannot maintain a good stride. Elevation of grade of 3-4% is ideal.

Shorter Hill Repeats:

These are great for building up the VO2Max

  • Run up the hill for 20–50 seconds

  • Once you reach up the hill, jog down to starting point

  • Effort has to be at 95%, close to 1000m-1500m race effort

  • Fully recover before starting the next repeat

  • 8-10 repeats in a session are ideal

Longer Hill repeats:

These are great for building up intermediate and fast twitch fibers.

  • Run up the hill for 90-120s

  • Jog down the hill for recovery

  • Effort has to be below 95%, close to 3K race effort

  • 4-6 repeats in a session are ideal

When to do it?

Incorporate hill repeats weekly or alternative week based on the training phase you are in. In the early parts of the training cycle as you are building strength, weekly would be ideal. As you come closer to the race, these can be made every alternate week.

Please listen to our podcast on 5K training as Coach Sameer explains Hill repeats.

🎧 Training for 5k

In this episode, we talk about the various aspects of 5K training for beginners and advanced runners. Topics covered in this episode -

  • Volume vs Intensity for 5k training

  • Muscle build-up and recruitment

  • Building aerobic and anaerobic efficiency

  • Interval training and hill repeats

Listen in your favourite channel

The World of Running - Tokyo 2020 recap

Women’s Results:

  • 14 DNF out of 88 athletes in Tokyo

  • The start time for the women’s marathon was moved up an hour to 6:00 am local time considering weather conditions

  • Kenya has now taken home at least one women's marathon medal in six consecutive Olympic Games, dating back to the 2000 Sydney Games

Men’s Results:

  • The men’s marathon schedule did not see any change due to weather conditions

  • 30 DNF out of 106 athletes in Tokyo (Sapporo), compared to 20/105 DNF in London and 9/148 DNF in Rio

  • Kipchoge becomes the third person in history to defend the Olympics Marathon title, after Ethiopia’s Abebe Bikila and East Germany’s Waldemar Cierpinski

Morhad Amdouni defends himself after water bottle knocking controversy in men's marathon

French marathon runner Morhad Amdouni has defended himself after knocking over a row of water bottles at a rehydration station during the men’s marathon at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, saying they were too “slippery” for him to pick up. Amdouni sparked controversy when he appeared to deliberately knock over every bottle at the station before grabbing the last one for himself. At the 28km mark of the long-distance event, footage showed Amdouni knocking over more than 20 bottles at the water station before snagging the last one on the table. Amdouni, who finished 17th in the race, six minutes behind winner Eliud Kipchoge, was criticised on social media for unsportsmanlike behaviour. Read more here

Other long-distance gold medalists:


Sifan Hassan, the gold medalist in the women’s 5000m and 10000m at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, had also won another medal making her the second women in history to win three individual track medals at the same Olympics.

Can you guess the distance and Hassan’s rank from the event?

The correct answer to last week’s quiz is the 1972 Winter Olympics. Sapporo was initially expected to host the 1940 Winter Olympics as well but had to withdraw after the Second Sino-Japanese War broke out in 1937. The city is hoping to organise the 2030 Winter Olympics.

Congratulations to Aar Ess @ritzind_786. Giriraj Katoch @runkatochrun (Instagram),
Nilesh Vyas @nileshvyas
, Sunder Nagesh @SunderNagesh (Twitter) for correct answers to last week’s quiz


Compiled by Team GeeksOnFeet - Karthik, Aravind and Aditi

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