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I have often heard people saying:

  • I like to go with the flow

  • I like surprises

  • I love when things turn out my way

There is a place for all of the above in our life. For myself; let me admit I like to plan my day and week, to remain sane.

In the last 2 days my sanity is checked multiple times as my routine is haywire. The reason is I'm travelling and a lot of external factors are at play.

Example - “people close to me seeing me write this editorial; will know the time of the day”. Which is not the case today.

The reason for this is - “Our desire towards particular outcomes”; “Controlling our future” can throw us off guard and make us feel about us in a way which is not necessarily true. Taming our mind and feeding it with the right food (Read - “thoughts”) is important.

I'm trying to find better ways of living to reduce my anxiety. Please let me know if you have felt the same way as I'm now.

Till then breath, smile and happy reading!

- Aditi Pandya


Shoe of the Week - Adidas SL20

Adidas SL20 has an interesting history. First released during 1972 (SL72) summer Olympics as a performance shoe, it has been upgraded every 4 years coinciding with the Olympics. SL20 is the most recent edition released in 2020 for Tokyo Olympics.

SL20 is a lightweight racing flat. It uses traditional EVA foam (Lightstrike Foam) as opposed to Boost foam. The shoe is built on the same last as Adizero Boston 10, and it feels the same. If you are looking for a lightweight shoe in ~5k budget for daily training for distances up to 10k, Adidas SL 20 is a great choice.

Continuing our series of workouts/drills to improve running form, our next workout helps better our hip mechanics (courtesy:

Workout of the week - Toe Yoga

50% of the runners that visit us at RunMechanics have foot stability issues. The percentage skews further especially with beginners. Jay Dicharry, a biomechanical expert, believes the big toe is responsible for 80-85% of the stability of the foot. Ability to control the big toe independently from the rest of the foot (arch & ankle) is key to maintain foot stability. Toe Yoga is a workout to build this control.

Please also check the “Arch Dome” workout in our archives, which is also very effective in building strong foot arch.

How to do it?

  • Start with standing in a neutral position with both feet on the ground; toes pointing straight.

  • Focus on one foot at a time, and the other foot can be relaxed.

  • Raise the big toe as high as possible (See A in the picture above), while keeping the four little toes fully on the ground. Hold it for couple of seconds.

  • Then drive the big toe down strongly (keep the big toe straight without curling it), while simultaneously raising the four little toes up from the ground (See B in the picture above).

  • Ensure your arch is not collapsed and maintained high while driving the big toe down.

  • Repeat this 10 times on each side

When to do it?

If you have foot stability issues and/or overpronation, we recommend this is done as part of your mobility routine.

Highlights from Around the World

Guye Adola and Gotytom Gebreslase win the 2021 Berlin Marathon

On a hot, humid day in the German capital, the 47th Berlin Marathon had two surprise winners in both the men’s and women’s races. Ethiopia’s Guye Adola was victorious over the favorite, Kenenisa Bekele (who finished third) in 2:05:45 in only his fourth marathon, and his fellow Ethiopian, Gotytom Gebreslase, won the women’s race in her debut marathon in 2:20:09

The 47th Berlin Marathon was the slowest since 2009 for the men

The touted world record attempt in the men’s race fell to pieces; Adola’s 2:05:45 was the slowest winning time in Berlin since 2009, and the mark isn’t even among the top 60 times in the event’s history. Part of that was because of the weather; the sun beat down throughout the race, and temperatures climbed from 16°C/60°F to 21°C/69°F.

The other chief reason was the blistering first half. The top 4 athletes (Kenyans Philemon Kacheran and Abraham Kipyatich Tesfaye Lencho) at the halfway mark cross the mark in 60:48, ahead of world record pace. Unfortunately, the world record was quickly slipping away. The pace began to slow soon after, and by 25 km, the leaders were 17 seconds behind Eliud Kipchoge’s record pace. Guye Adola finally won it in a rather hard way with splits of 60:48 for the first half, 64:57 for the second.

Berlin Marathon winners since 2009

Upcoming races:

  • Virgin Money London Marathon: October 3, 2021

  • Bank of America Chicago Marathon: October 10, 2021

  • Boston Marathon: October 11, 2021

  • AFLI Bangalore 10K Challenge: October 24, 2021

  • TCS New York City Marathon: November 7, 2021

  • ALFI Mumbai Half Marathon: December 19, 2021


Saucony Hurricane 23 Review

If you are looking for a modern stability shoe with high-stack and plush cushioning, Hurricane 23 is a good option to consider. Saucony Hurricane 23 sets itself apart from other stability shoes with a high stack of soft TPU based foam offering very good bounce. It is a daily trainer, and is recommended for those running long and who need support, but don't want to compromise on comfort and bounce. Read the full review here.

Now that the Berlin marathon is done and dusted, all eyes are on the London Marathon, scheduled for the coming Sunday.

Can you guess the year the first edition of the London Marathon was held?

The answer to last week’s quiz is Nike Vaporfly 4%. Eliud Kipchoge was also seen wearing the prototype of the same show at Nike’s Breaking2, his 1st attempt running a marathon under 2 hours.

Congratulations to

Sanjeev Patel @spatel71; Kandarp Bhatt @bhatt.kandarp; Shalu Bajaj @fitnesswithshalu

@adriankatts on Twitter

Madhusudhan Rao on Facebook

for correct answer to last week’s quiz

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