August 2021    
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I hope you have been enjoying this summer season!

I am pleased to share with you all an exciting new report from ReflectUS Coalition member RepresentWomen, "Intersectional Disempowerment: Exploring Barriers for Disabled Female Political Candidates in the United States". This report explores the unique obstacles that women with disabilities face while seeking and serving in political leadership roles as well as the everyday discriminations that they experience. Read the full report here and please share it widely with your networks!

As part of our dedication to reaching women across different fields, I spoke to an amazing group with Yale Women about Political Leadership and Why It Counts. In our time together, I was reminded of the need for more diverse leadership in government. Every program and resource that ReflectUS and our Coalition members offer is part of our dedication to each of the women we work with - and that includes YOU!  

Did you miss our "Change is Her" State Network Training last month? ReflectUS Coalition member She Should Run joined ReflectUS State Network partners Missouri M.A.D.E., WEPOWER, League of Women Voters of Virginia, and Virginia Organizing for a special training. In this hour-long session, you can learn about how your every-day skills create a perfect political leadership toolkit for you to use. You can view the recording on our Facebook or YouTube channels. Please take a second to register for our upcoming event on August 25 at 7 p.m. ET with ReflectUS Coalition member Vote Run Lead for the "Run As You Are" State Network Training

Our next "Reflections" is on August 26 at 7 p.m. ET and is focused on "Changing Systems." Join ReflectUS Coalition members and hear from these national experts as they discuss possible strategies to addressing the systemic barriers facing women seeking political leadership. Click here to register for the August Reflections.

Last month, ReflectUS was excited to launch the ReflectUS Giving Circle! Thank you to all of those who joined the Circle with an annual contribution. Each of you is directly supporting our work to increase the number of women in political leadership roles. Interested in being a ReflectUS Giving Circle member? Join today and also enjoy special perks, such as exclusive salons and ReflectUS merchandise!

Tiffany Gardner, ReflectUS CEO

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Have you had a chance to read the latest "In Her Words" Blog Post by ReflectUS Fellow Karem Montemayor? Read all about Karem's story in 'What It Means to Be Political' by visiting the ReflectUS Blog.

Interested in submitting a written blog or video to be featured in the ReflectUS "In Her Words" Media Campaign? Submit your story today!

ReflectUS Coalition Partner RepresentWomen is a research-based advocacy group that promotes the use of systems strategies to advance women’s representation and leadership in the U.S. and abroad. This report discusses the intersectional disempowerment uniquely experienced by disabled women along with general inequities in disabled political representation in the United States.

Please visit this link for a plain-text version of the Report.
In July, ReflectUS Coalition member She Should Run joined ReflectUS State Network partners Missouri M.A.D.E., WEPOWER, League of Women Voters of Virginia, and Virginia Organizing for a special "Change is Her" training.

If you were unable to attend, you could watch the recording of the conversation, Change is Her State Network Training.

The panelists included Erin Loos Cutraro, CEO and Founder of ReflectUS Coalition member She Should Run and Ligia Andrade Zúñiga, San Mateo Union High School District Board Trustee Member.
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ReflectUS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, nonpartisan coalition working to increase the number of women in office and achieve equal representation across the racial, ideological, ethnic, and geographic spectrum in the United States. Learn More

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