Post-Spring-Break Head’s Up!

A few special notes for the next couple weeks: Zoom, Holy Week, & Worship

Isn’t the first Monday after Spring Break and Spring Forward the Mondayest Monday of all the Mondays? I hope your break was so refreshing, you’re ready to take it all on!

A few special notes should set you up for a great Holy Week and Easter! The regular monthly update will come next week.

  1. Zoom: Pastors Jim & Deb have requested a special reading from us to be used on Easter morning. It’s simple enough that we can record it this week during our Wednesday Zoom meeting. Be aware that your appearance will be part of Easter worship. If your family would like to participate in the reading, but is not able to join us on Zoom, simply record yourselves saying “He is risen indeed!” and send me the video by Sunday, the 28th. It would be wonderful to have as many families included as possible.

  2. Holy Week: I strongly encourage you to sign up for a time to do the “GooseChase” version of the Holy Week Journey and Scavenger Hunt! Learn and play together around downtown!

  3. Worship: for families that are ready to return to in-person worship, we will celebrate the resurrection together at Easter Worship. There will also be a Maundy Thursday Tenebrae Service, which involves candles, darkness, and song. You can RSVP to these services today and they will also be available via Live-Stream.

I pray that you and your family are experiencing Grace and Hope that only Jesus can give us, as we feel that Good Friday feeling like never before. When things feel hard and dark and lost, we can say to ourselves, “It’s Friday now, but Sunday’s coming!”


Pastor Emily