A winter series of ten talks to take us through to spring 2021 given by well-known and engaging speakers

8.00pm Wednesday 23 September 2020 
Celia Davis 

BEEKEEPER v BEE: How our activities as beekeepers impact on the natural life of the honeybee colony
8.00pm Monday 12 October 2020
Jim Vivian-Griffiths

The Dancing Bees: Research by Karl von Frisch on the waggle dances of honey bees
8.00pm Wednesday 28 October 2020 
Marin Anastasov

Nutritional requirements of bees and supplemental feeding
8.00pm Monday 9 November 2020
Norman Carreck

Global pandemics, bee imports and native bees
8.00pm Wednesday 25 November 2020
Gerry Brierley

‘Apitherapy: A journey into the healing hive’ 
8.00pm Monday 14 December 2020
Nicola Bradbear

The work and philosophy of Bees for Development – values for a sustainable future
8.00pm Wednesday 27 January 2021
Wally Shaw

Simple methods of making increase – making one hive into two and making a small number of nucs (up to 4) from a colony.
8.00pm Monday 8 February 2021
David Evans

A gentle introduction to queen rearing. Covers the importance of the quality of the larvae and drones, the practicalities of grafting larvae (much easier than most people realise), cell raising, and getting queens mated from nucleus colonies.
8.00pm Wednesday 24 February 2021
Stephen Martin
The evolution of natural Varroa-tolerance mechanisms in various beekeeping populations
8.00pm Monday 8 March 2021
Richard Rickitt

‘From Buckfast to Buckingham Palace’ – a pictorial beekeeping tour of Britain meeting beekeepers and visiting sites of historical beekeeping interest.

Very soon, you'll receive details of the first talk and how to register to take part on Zoom. The talks take place on the second Monday and the fourth Wednesday of the month.

MBKA members get priority booking. After one week, the invitation will be sent to neighbouring associations. Spaces are limited – be sure to register in good time.

With best wishes
Jen Ferry and Archie McLellan

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