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Artemis, twin sister of Apollo, is the goddess of the moon, the hunt, the wilderness, wild animals, nature, childbirth, child-rearing, and chastity. She represents the strong, nurturing spirit of To the Moon, our spirit of adventure, our connection with the earth and its creatures.

Fifty years ago humanity united and watched as the Apollo mission sent humans to walk upon the surface of the moon, and now NASA’s Artemis mission plans to do it again, and send a woman to leave her footprints in the moondust.

What better way to honor an ancient mythology and our modern cooperative accomplishments than to celebrate the ascension of the moon goddess, Artemis?

As we journey once more To The Moon and back - the art and legacy we create as a community embarking on new horizons are like our very own dusty footprints. Whether our expression exhibits Apollonian structure, Dionysian flavors or explores other realms of mythology, gods & goddesses, ancient archetypes or future cosmic lore … we are here to remember that what we do on the Moon represents something much bigger than we can imagine.

2023 Ticket Sale Info

:: 1st MAIN SALE ::

Wednesday 2/22 at 2:22pm CST

To the Moon will be held again at Catoosa Event Center from June 8-11. The event is capped at 2000 participants, but the actual number of tickets released will depend on volunteer sign-ups. Since this is an entirely volunteer-run event, it is important that we all work together to make it happen!

Adult tickets = $150

kids’ tickets = $50

  • We currently do not intend to have any medical requirements for entry (temperature checks, vaccine verification, etc). However, we reserve the right to implement any measures we feel necessary to protect the safety of the event. If we implement medical requirements for TTM, we will refund tickets for anyone who does not want to comply. We do ask all attendees to make the best decisions for themselves and the community, and do not attend the event if you are sick.

  • Returning theme camps and volunteers from the 2022 event will have access to a set of Directed Group Sale (DGS) tickets that can be purchased along with the 2/22 public sale. Theme camp organizers and volunteers from last year should check your emails for information on these directed tickets.

  • A second public sale will occur on 3/21. Art grant and leadership tickets will be distributed along with this second sale.

  • We have a number of Directed Group Sale (DGS) ticket allocations that are available outside the public sale. If you volunteered or ran a theme camp last year, check your emails for additional information for accessing the DGS sales.

LNT Team Lead : Nicole Rising

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