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CO BIK is an independent R&D biotech organisation and an important player on the intersection of science and industry, promoting development of bacteriophage applications and translating science discoveries to industrial applications, mainly on the field of bioprocessing for biopharmaceuticals.
Established 10 years ago, COBIK has become a renown project-management partner, able to provide high-end services for different partners and clients from business, research and industry.
Bacteriophages are viruses that specifically infect bacteria and can be used as an alternative to antibiotic treatment. COBIK established a growing collection of different bacteriophages infecting Cutibacterium, Staphylococcus, Pseudomonas, Campylobacter and Escherichia bacteria. Together with national and international partners COBIK works on research and development of bacteriophage applications with aim to develop new bacteriophage formulations for applications in cosmetics and medicine. 

Bioprocessing is any process using living cells or cell components for production of specific molecule. Bioprocess is followed by isolation and purification process. COBIK has an extensive expertise on development of manufacturing processes and in-process control methods for production of plasmid DNA, recombinant proteins, viruses and virus like particles and offers a range of services from bioprocess development, macromolecule production at laboratory scale and its analytics.
COBIK is establishing its competitiveness on the field of bioprocessing by R&D activities on the field of new devices and systems:
  • a new pressure sensor device for in-process control enables fast and accurate determination of macromolecule hydrodynamical diameter enabling detection of monomer molecules, aggregates or complexes.
  • development of automated continuous bioprocesses will expand COBIKā€™s service range on the field which is gaining importance especially in the last few years.
COBIK promotes science and excellence in local environment!

Every winter COBIK opens the laboratory doors for students from local high schools who are enthusiastic about biotechnology. For three days they turn into scientists receiving hands on working experience in a biotechnological laboratory.
Festival Labirint is a young researcher contest for primary school students organised by COBIK every year. Students from more than 20 primary schools compete in practical and theoretical challenges.
CO BIK in collaboration with the Austrian Centre of Industrial Biotechnology ACIB is organizing the 13th Symposium of the European Society of Biochemical Engineering Sciences (ESBES 2020). The event, expected to gather more than 300 researchers and representatives from the whole world, is scheduled to take place from 17th to 20th September 2020 in Portorož, Slovenia. The symposium has a long tradition in the biotechnological community as a renowned source of novelties in biochemical engineering and related fields.

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