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Thank you

I’ll only ask you for a minute today. In this traditional time of gratitude, I’d like to offer mine.

First, my earnest thanks to my longtime boss, mentor and friend, Melanie Sill, who entrusted me with the newsletter she built, and who ably leads the NC Local News Workshop, of which this newsletter is a part. And to my friend Ryan Tuck, who skillfully authored NC Local for the first five months of this year and made the transition easy when he moved on to new ventures.
But mostly, I owe my deep gratitude to all of you, for being part of this conversation and for all you do to empower North Carolinians with news, information, leadership, research, instruction, service and sustenance. And a special hat tip to those of you who have been so generous with your time in talking with me this year. It has been a great pleasure.

We do want this to be a conversation, so please keep me informed — with your questions, with the good work you see, with the issues we need to talk about, with new ways to connect and empower one another, with models of newsgathering and storytelling we might try, with perspectives you want to share. You can always reach me at
Please stay safe this Thanksgiving. I'll see you next week.

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