Governor Jerry Brown
on Mind Body Health & Politics

Dear Friends,

I have been called upon to return to the airwaves with Mind Body Health & Politics, and am pleased to announce that my first guest will be Governor Jerry Brown. 

My return is partly in response to our President, who is denying the two greatest existential threats facing our country and the world – climate change and nuclear proliferation – as well as the present COVID pandemic.

In contrast, Governor Jerry Brown has a history-making, lifelong reputation as a truth teller who has made these two threats central throughout his career and in his present work. My first official broadcast, featuring Governor Brown, will air on Tuesday, November 10, at 9am Pacific Time.

The sitting President, in his efforts to downplay the COVID pandemic has made up his own reality, propagated outright lies, politicized scientific institutions, and has thereby been responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans. 

Public trust needs to be restored for us to live in harmony with one another.    

I plan to bring you guests and information you can trust, motivating you to take action towards the ideals of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness – for ALL Americans, EQUALLY.

I also invite you to join me on Tuesday, October 27, at 11am PST for a pre-launch, pre-election special conversation with my dear esteemed colleague, Dr. Jim Fadiman – one of our country’s foremost researchers in psychedelic medicine. We will be joined in this pre-launch special by our country's premier psychedelic psychopharmocologist, Dr. Nicholas Cozzi, of the University of Wisconsin Medical School. Fadiman's book, The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide, is a classic, which was featured on Mind Body Health & Politics, several years ago. His most recent book is Your Symphony of Selves: Discover and Understand More of Who We Are.

Stay tuned for announcements about upcoming guests, including best-selling author Michael Pollan and Creon Levitt, Director of R&D, Planet Labs.

Future topics for exploration will include:

  • Climate change
  • Nuclear proliferation
  • The COVID pandemic
  • Income inequality
  • Institutionalized racism
  • Domestic terrorism, and 
  • The obesity epidemic

Even if the current President is not re-elected, these challenges will not go away by themselves. We are in an all-hands-on-deck situation to save our once democratic Republic.

Tune in and join us at 11am on Tuesday October 27 for a special pre-launch program with Dr Jim Fadiman.

To listen, go to the website at and click on “Listen Live.” (note: future broadcasts will be at 9am on Tuesdays as per our schedule of upcoming programs).

Be sure to subscribe to the program anywhere podcasts are found.

I invite you to call, or text in, anytime during the broadcast at (650) TALLY-HO.

Finally if you wish to support the program, please become an underwriter, forward this email, and share the link to the schedule of upcoming programs.

I wish you excellent health and look forward to hearing from you,


Richard Louis Miller, M.A., Ph.D.
Clinical Psychology

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