Practical herb card # 33:

Purple coneflower.

The front of the card.
The reverse of the card.
Purple coneflower is a beautiful perennial, about 1 m (1 yard) tall.

Butterflies love it. It's easy to grow as the seeds are quite fertile, but you do need to weed around it once it's started to grow.

Purple coneflower is native to the chalky soil of the prairie. As a medicinal plant, it's stronger if you grow it with in chalky soil. It'll also flower profusely.

Purple coneflower strengthens the immune system. Use it as a tea or a tincture.

Research has shown that purple coneflower works against the following influenza viruses: rhinovirus, influenzavirus A and B (including H3N2, H5N1, H7N7, H7N9 and H1N1pdm09), parainfluenzavirus and coronavirus (MERS and SARS). It didn't work against adenovirus, but was effective against herpes viruses.

The interesting part of this research was that a tincture made from the green parts was the strongest against these viruses. Tinctures of various plant parts were tested in petri dishes, but this time this is relevant to uses in people: flu and influenza viruses first colonize the mucous membrane of the throat, and throat sprays work nicely. Make a tincture and pour it into a small spray bottle (or purchase ready-made) and spray the tincture to the back of your throat when you feel a cold coming on.

In the US, tinctures made from various species of Echinacea are used in large amounts (a tsp to a tbsp.) often (every ten minutes) for rattlesnake bites and scorpion stings. The tincture is taken until the swelling subsides. For wasp stings, this works as well, but smaller doses (15–30 drops) every ten minutes usually works within half an hour: both the swelling and the pain will go away very fast.

People with autoimmune problems are often warned off Echinacea. Reactions are individual, however, so take a little of the plant and discontinue it if you get a reaction.

Herbal collecting card # 95


The front of the card.
The reverse of the card.

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My books

A new edition of my book "Practical Herbs 1" was published in 2018.
It's now available on and, as well as at on AEON books' site.
A new edition of my book "Practical Herbs 2" was published in 2018.
It's now available on and, as well as at on AEON books' site.
I published "Practical Herb Cards" in 2017.
It contains collectible herbal cardboard cards (#1-52) bound into a book. The front of the book is text proper, telling you more about the themes on each card. The back of the book consists of cardboard sheets, four cards to a sheet, complete with a cut-and-paste cardboard box for the cards.

I added an alphabetical index card for this set to the second card set ... it dawned on me that this would be a good idea after I'd gotten it all from the printer.
(The second set also contains an alphabetical index card for the second set.)
"Practical Herb Cards 2" arrived from the printers on May 22, 2019.
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My books are exquisite if you're a hands-on herbalist, somebody who wants to pick and process your own herbs.
They also contain hints and tips for beginning or seasoned practising herbalists, people who give herbs to people for their various more or less severe problems.

The herb cards can be used as teaching (or learning) aids, as the reverse of the cards contains just a photo of the plant, not the name, latin name, family or uses.

They're all gorgeous too, of course. Lots of photos, all in full color!

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Etäopiskele yrttiterapiaa!

Tule mukaan etäopiskelemaan yrttiterapiaa!

Mukaan pääsee milloin vain, mutta näin kesän alla on paras aika aloittaa opinnot. Tämä on kirje- ja verkkokurssi, eikä verkkoa välttämättä tarvitse.

Helsinkiin ei välttämättä tarvitse lähteä: lähiopetus tulee pienellä viiveellä nauhoitettuna etäopiskelijoiden kuunneltavaksi (tai katsottavaksi).

Kurssin käytyäsi saat hienon diplomin.

Kokonaisuus kestää lähes kaksi vuotta ja maksaa vain 700 euroa.

Kurssi on todella hyvä. Tässä muutama kommentti: 
"Hyödyllinen, monipuolinen, selkeästi luettava ja ymmärrettävä."
"Minut yllättää tämä perusteellisuus! + kuvitus."
"... nämä vihkoset + kirjasi ovat minulle sekä viihdettä että työvälineitä. Kiitos paljon!"

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