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    Something’s in the air, a palpable sense of meaning and purpose among the tribes we’re hearing from.
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    Monday, September 7th we start at noon pacific / 9pm CET.
    1. CICOLAB network/ community updates and technologies in the first hour.
        2. Business modeling focus (‘BizFlow’) on the second hour.
        3. The Story Room segment is at 2pm pacific, for about an hour.

    Zone of Collaboratory:    


This week Lauren Nignon  has been growing the CICOLAB knowledge garden, which is emerging through the Hashverse as a “Craig’s List for Ideas” — a place to find conversations, wikis; connective tissues and nodes of network resonance.

Full session documentation from Flow Show #2 (20200831), here, including Video  and Transcript.


In the midst of evolving our co-creations and conversations around our identity and purpose as “The Collective Intelligence Collaboratory”, we took a step back to survey our Knowledge Repository since we launched in January 2020.

We also took the chance to review, update and map out the engine schematics of our “Wisdom Stack”, preparing to bring it into and inform our next BizFlow convo on P2P Innovation, and considering growing our network as an idea commons.

New to the Wisdom Stack is the group video on HashBins; see Slide 21.
You’re invited to check out the “Wisdom Stack” — comments welcome.

#BizFlow — CICOLAB Business Model, Governance and Decisionmaking

It’s increasingly imminent we need a structure and process for decisionmaking, and a clear way to explain how we aim to handle community participation in co-creation — including sharing/ contributing ideas — converging on how we aim to do business cooperatively.

Some inspiring clues are offered by our featured guests this week.
Gyuri Lajos (TrailMarks) & People-Centric Architecture

Weaving into/ out of the HashBins, Gyuri kicks off the BizFlow. Citing Doug Rushkoff, Gyuri reminds us: “We are the ‘things’ in the ‘Internet of Things’. We need to flip everything” back to life-centricity.”

Bodo Hoenen: Learning Maps, Doing Maps

Also in the second hour we’ll be joined by Bodo Hoenen sharing his #learningmap and #doingmap       
#opensocialinnovation models.

Hope to see you there!   

If it’s Sunday, it must be... KooLab!
8am Pacific / 5pm CET (Sept. 6th) in Lauren’s Zoom room,
Kids (ages 6-12) are welcome in CICOLAB’s Co-Learning / Co-Making Pod, taking shape as our in-house in-action model for #FutureLearningNow.
Amazing phenomena transpiring, like the kids taking over and teaching the grown folks.... animals, virtual backgrounds, whiteboards, mind-maps... also: Cakes. Baking contest in progress ....

Then there’s the matter-of-fact comment we received from one 10-year-old, “Of course we’re gonna make an app for the Koolaboratory....” :-D

The Story Room
Jay Golden (Retellable, Open Global Mind) enters the StoryFlow this week.

“For a story to change the world,” author and storytelling coach Jay Golden says, “It has to change you first.”
As co-founder of Retellable, Jay coaches and trains founders, innovators, and social entrepreneurs at companies around the world. His book Retellable: How Your Essential Stories Unlock Power and Purpose is a guide to storytelling using his original framework — The Journey Curve.

We’ll be joined also in the Story Room by Peter Dowson who made the lovely Story Canvas.
Our theme is: 
Swarming around online co-learning pods, amidst a meta view of various story-generating processes.
We might also touch on something we’ve explored in multiple MetaCAugs sessions during recent months, “Pattern Jamming” as an interactive process of intuiting via “proto-patterns” (Joe Corneli) and potential patterns to coalesce in a new pattern language around #peeragogyforkids .



Tom Atlee & Ecosystem of Collective Sensemaking at MetaCAugs on Tuesday, Sept, 8th

Sister coalition MetaCAugs is thrilled to host visionary philosopher Tom Atlee, who’s offering a tour of his elaborate collective sensemaking models. Part one happened on Tuesday; part two is upcoming on September 8th (1pm Pacific / 10pm CET). Subscribe for details here,

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