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The FlowShow #2 is the place to be, Mondays starting 9pm CET / noon Pacific time.

Amidst an explosion of activity around the CICOLAB family, we open the next FlowShow with updates from our indefatigable Repository Queen, Lauren Nignon.

We threw Lauren a birthday party three hours into Flow Show #1, surprising her at midnight CET and launching into the AfterFlow for another two hours. Tuesday in our Telegram channel she wrote:

“Last night I showed the Hashverse on Trello and Marc-Antoine [Parent] suggested designing it around what people actually want and need. 
"Maybe I have been assuming that one of the problems we are trying to solve for is discoverability? (Meaning, what kind of frameworks do we have available? Who is working on what? What kind of people do we have in our network? Who needs to meet whom?)
”Because collective intelligence is a new field and we are making up ideas, phrases, and domains as we go, so the common ontology isn't completely formed yet.
“Will anyone give me some suggestions as to what would be helpful to you personally in a network-wide dashboard? What would you like it to do?”

We’ll jump straight in at noon Pacific / 9pm CET with Lauren updating us on our repository and her “Hashbin” prototype taking shape as a tool for interoperability and discoverability in the network.

In the RepoFlo:

Lauren has done it again, super-champed her way through five hours of video (FlowShow #1 on August 24th), painstakingly and lovingly boiling down to golden nuggets of sense within a handful of areas including CheckinsThe HashVerse, The Story Canvas, The Learning Pod That Started a Movement, and Roles and DAOs in the BizFlow.

The August 24, 2020 session transcripts and all details are available here, while the Coggle map of the conversation with the edited videos is here.

HashBins & CheckIns:

Peter Kaminski of Open Global Mind shows us a variation on Lauren’s HashBin invention, a dynamic container for network members’ real-time profiles, ideas, projects and resources. With Alexar Pendashteh, Lauren set up the system initially in Trello, while Pete applies AirTable to the concept.

In the middle of the first hour will be “Checkins & HashBins (Profiles & Smiles)” — a bulletin board slot for sharing updates, asks and offers to grow together.

We round out the opening segment with a chat on Deep Profiling and the Collaboratory’s "Wisdom Stack", pointing to an activity in the next session and to the BizFlow to follow.

Koolaboratory &
Unlearning Pods

Sundays at 8am Pacific/ 5pm CET, it's the Kids KooLab!
#bravespace for ages 6-12 where we explore #peeragogyforkids - learning and making things together.

We're forming a new mailing list for “Feisty Moms" and other Guardians of Unlearning - Contact Lauren [lauren at] to get involved.

Updates from the Koolab, and what to look for this Sunday:

Koolab Kids are starting a collaborative website (using Wix), to share artwork and stories.

Also, we're talking about KiKoolab Kurrency (name to be upgraded) and wondering what it looks like... Money design for beginners (in anticipation of community currency pioneer Michael Linton (Open Money) joining the Flow Show Sept. 7th).

RoleFlow @ BizFlow


This one-hour acupunctural #ideaspace imagines and examines The Collaboratory as a P2P Incubator, attempting to sensemake the facets within a constraint of nano slices tightly woven into pre-arranged sequences.

Here are some BiZFlow bullets from August 24th (FlowShow #1). Transcripts are here.

On August 31st starting 1pm Pacific / 10pm CET, Analua Chirichetti opens the segment with a spotlight into Archetypes and fluid profiling, comparing the inside view we have of ourselves and the outside view others have of us. Lua’s integrates Ikigai, superpowers and self-discovery to support the roles we take on between contexts and environments.

Next: Inspired by the longing of the human self for spiritual settlement, Wael Alsaad shares his collaboration model, “The Packs-Commune Network” which explores the nature, patterns and roles of wolves in packs.
Then, Jamming on #roleflow #guildflow #techflow in the #bizflow, before jumping to #storyroom #storyflow....!

Jerry Michalski, Matt Saiia (Collective Next) and more superfab folks from OGM; Joe Corneli et al. from Peeragogy, Howard Rheingold U., MetaCAugs & of course CICOLAB regulars, converge in the BizFlow around Guilds and their potentials and indications for organizations and networks of innovation. We were joined this week by Jack Park of TopicQuests plus Gyuri Lajos of TrailMarks, and we’ll extend and turbo-boost the convo in the upcoming episode. 
That’s not all: Howard Rheingold himself will be with us to chime in on roles in co-learning and co-making, in the second hour of the Flow Show.

This segment will lead us headlong into the caverns and chasms, mysteries and delights of... The Story Room, at the top of the third hour i.e. 2pm Pacific / 11pm CET.

StoryFlow @ The Story Room

Going Deeper to the Gooey
Center of the Story Room
Where the Story Flows,
the Story Goes...
The Story Knows...
Arc of Augmented Argument
The Story Zone
of Resonant Aliveness.

Use case: “Unlearning Pods”
2pm Pacific - 11pm CET

(Formerly known as "Learning Pods")

thank you for listening


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