Charles here, your resident Idea DJ bringing you the latest inventions from the Collaboratory. We’re about to kick off a new cycle of CICOLAB convos in the next four Mondays, and you’re invited to join any and all each week starting at Noon Pacific / 9pm CET in Lauren Nignon’s Zoom room ( Show up late, drop out early, pass through casually, it’s all good.

Following Lauren’s Snarky Anarchy cycle embracing the core improv principle of “Yes, and",  this month I’m taking the baton and directing the proceedings. I’ll provide some decent collective intelligence cultural infotainment throughout the sessions. And if you show up and want to get your CI groove on, we may even learn and produce a few things... collaboratively!

Love, CB

In this abbreviated contextual segment we will examine the question, "Why are we here and what are we doing?"  i.e. the Collaboratory’s identity, mission, and our guidelines, protocols and codes of conduct as (a) inclusive idea hub, (b) #ChangeTank, (c) collaborative business collectively designing, building, producing and applying a variety of tools, products and services, (d) decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), and more.

In BizFlow we take a look at what it actually means to become a P2P incubator and accelerator.

Making our CI Network More Powerful

Lauren Nignon offers a mini-tour of the HashVerse this Monday (August 24th) in the first hour.

Lauren’s been busy in the lab, spinning up and connecting a growing proliferation of #Hashbins .... including deep profiles, roles, resources, groups, and initiatives in our community.

Everyone in the network is an Idea Guardian; which ideas do you champion and protect? What is your role?

Early indications suggest this nascent technology is leading us — through conversation mapping, cards and stickies, data wrangling and wormholes —to #rapidlearning, #discoverability, #disambiguation and #interoperability of everything and everyone within and across the larger network.
To celebrate the kickoff of a new phase, this week on August 24th starting at 2pm Pacific / 11pm CET (in Lauren's Zoom room at ) we’ve assembled an all-star panel of story ninjas, hackers, threaders and mappers, to get to the bottom of #FutureLearningNow aka “What Are We Doing With Our Kids This Fall!?”

We'll be concentrating on the story of Learning Pods in our quest to rapidly iterate simple, practical, and scalable storytelling recipes. We’re excited to have a number of special guests this week, including Australian filmmaker
Peter Dowson joining, creator of The Story Canvas. We'll also be joined by Jay GoldenPeter Kaminski and Max Harper of the Open Global Mind group founded by Jerry Michalski, bringing new tech and techniques to Jerry’s Story Threading concept and actionizing Jerry’s Brain.

StoryFlow, Map Talk, Collective Sensemaking 
Our StoryFlow journey involves mapping and other visualizations for collective sensemaking. As in BizFlow, we use, co-create, duct-tape and mash-up, a variety of tools, methods and processes aiming for a working set of ‘best practices’ for any scope, scape or scale.

CICOLAB has recently emerged with an energized dedication to childrens' education, where we combine co-creation, social justice, and intergenerational learning to provide opportunities for all children and their parents/grandparents by creating a scalable learning pod model. We think that it is the opportunity of a lifetime for our collective intelligence community to accomplish something visible, significant, and truly inspiring.

Along with our friends in
Peeragogy and MetaCAugs, we’ve held many talks bringing together learning science and collaboration experts to explore hyperlocal and global solutions.

We have formed the Kids Koolaboratory with our own children (open to kids 5-12) to test how the Peeragogy patterns work with little learners, creators, producers and makers. In other words, it’s for children who love to hang out and play games, make art, tell stories... act and sing and clap and ... (shhh..... learn)...

This happens each Sunday — including today :-) — for 1.5 hours, starting at 8am Pacific / 3pm EST /  5pm CET and your kids are invited. Lauren is “den mother” and will be glad to hear from you. lauren (at) In Zoom:
Special shoutout to our MetaCAugs posse. Here's a recent "WikiDojo". Graziano Maino has written a wonderful mini-treatise on canvases, emerging from a MetaCAugs convo this week. Trisha Callella recently presented an Introduction to Learning Science [slides]. This week David Preston saw our CICOLAB Learning Pods video, which triggered a few thoughts. See also, The Educator’s Dilemma.

"Learning our way through the pandemic in this society/culture is a complex, nuanced topic. The quickest I could make it: We are innovatively tap dancing our way through a minefield of unintended consequences, interpretations of which vary depending on unit of analysis and caste." 
– David Preston, "The Problem in a Nutshell (Pod)"
And, Stephan Kreutzer has assembled a list, Online Collaboration/Conversation Space.

See you soon!  CB & LMN

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