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The 7 tracks on "Outtakes & Other Misfits" are songs that didn't appear on releases anywhere else but still want to be listened to. Some much older and some newer favorites of mine that ended up as wallflowers for all the reasons wallflowers become just that are rounded up together on this release to keep each other and you good company. They are all CD quality for downloads or streaming.

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Included in the collection is a song penned in 2004 during the Bush vs Gore election campaign. "Surrender in November (a voting song)" was online at different places and performed during the campaign including the election night in San Francisco at the Beach Chalet. This year's presidential election carries eerie overtones of 2004. I encourage everyone to make good use of their right to vote.

Download this song for free (Buy at $0.00) if you want to share it with others and keep a copy for you.

The other 6 songs on the new release also never appeared on any album or download or online streaming. These will now all soon be online at Spotify, TIDAL, Qobuz and the rest. You can hear them now and download the CD quality release with MQA encoding (no special gear or software required, it just sounds better on its own).

Take a listen...

In 2015 or so I first learned from Audiophile forums online how to setup a computer on my home LAN to talk to my OPPO 103 and coax it (no not the cable, the other coax) to deliver the DSD layer of the songs as DSF or DFF files in the native DSD audio format. It was a way to backup SACDs to computer/server/cloud as well as play the SACD songs from my computer via JRiver or any music player supporting DSD.

It was great! I then documented what I did to accomplish this and shared it with a few friends who had OPPOs and were looking for the same setup. It worked well for them too. Fast forward to 2020 and one of those friends no longer had an OPPO but a new Sony and wanted to continue to be able to rip his SACDs. I found out that only specific Sony models can be used in this fashion so we ordered a used one online and I set it up to do the same kind of thing and it worked too. 

I  tweaked some of the scripts I'd found online to make it easier to use (no awake mode timer, no sleep mode/power off-on, hard to crash, easy to resume) and wrote instructions for G. to follow. It worked fine out of the (used) box. Here's what he wrote me:

        "David, hats off! You’re directions are explicitly exact and not
         capable of misunderstanding. Thank you for taking the time to
         be so clear.. Helped a lot."

       Sitting Still...


So I thought I'd offer friends online this same opportunity as a small service for anyone wanting to archive their SACDs. You can rip either or both the stereo and multichannel files to DSF (preferred) or DFF files. You can also rip all songs on an SACD disc album to a single ISO file.

ISO files are convenient ways to archive the data as one big file. Many music players including JRiver can read the ISO file as-is and let you select and play any song(s) from it as if they were free standing DSF files. You can also extract the DSF song files from the ISO if/when you choose to.

If you are interested in this type of turnkey SACD rip/backup setup reply to this email and I can tell you what's involved in more detail. Basically I will find a best value used player online (today's prices have been in the $60 to $80 range), order and receive it here in Hawaii. Then I set it up for SACD ripping and testing and ship it to you with instructions and a necessary properly formatted USB thumbdrive to use with the Sony (or equivalent BDP) when ripping.


You  then download the free software I point you to online that is required to use the SACD setup and then follow my instructions to start ripping. When all is working fine at your end I charge you back for the original price for the used player unit cost incl. any tax and shipping to Hawaii (no markup to me), plus my fee for setup & help followup, and whatever the shipping costs to send the turnkey player with a required properly formatted USB stick from Hawaii to you (usually about $20 for USPS Priority Flat Rate with tracking). 

I can only offer this turnkey solution to those in the US at this point. If you are not in the US and still interested, reply and let me know, we can try to find a good solution otherwise. 

I'd love to help others get their SACD libraries backed up if they are interested. It is one good way to preserve the discs' music and also make it accessible for unlimited playback from the computer and network audio players that we all seem to have these days, all with no further wear and tear on the SACD discs themselves.

If you've ripped CDs to computer, this ends up being just a little bit more complex but similar overall. The SACD player and your computer need to be on the same network, ideally wired/plugged into the same router instead of relying on your WiFi which is slower and less reliable. Reply here if you have questions. I'd be happy to try to answer them.

IF YOU HAVE AN OPPO 103 or 105 and want to backup your SACDs but have questions, reply to this email and ask away, maybe I can help.
Stay safe & healthy wherever you are.

Sending Aloha to All,

~ DE
(US citizens please remember to take the time to vote by next Tuesday.) 
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