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Over 10 years ago I tried putting some of my nature images in Hawaii on different materials like hats, bags, shirts, coffee cups. It was iffy in all ways I’ll spare you the details. Time went by and techniques, processes, and quality all went up a lot with Print on Demand services as prices went down. So I’m at it again with a newly created store that also has best prices on my DSD and MQA downloads.

I like sharing the beauty of Hawaii on usable well made products. I’m wearing the Lotus hat every day now. The Lotus Mask has a nose mold, a place for a filter insert and adjustable sides for close fit. Comfortable and effective. Stay Safe Everyone. Oh! and The CasualTees T-Shirt Rides again

The new exlusive DSD64 release of David Elias & The CasualTees is here.

VIsit David Elias Music Store for DSD Downloads

Also fast downloads of the CD/MQA releases of these and other albums. Easy.

VLOT by Starke Sound, Gardena, CA

Read full review of Starke Sound's VLOT integrated stereo

I hooked these up at home and am blown away by the stereo image I get from them. Plenty of power and plenty of clean sound.

This is a unique integration of excellent components: amplifier (150W/channel), speakers (4 ohm), Bluetooth 5.0, Optical, Coax, Aux/RCA all in a solid sleek acrylic cabinet standing exactly 3 feet tall.

Easy to move and setup (I did it in about 6 minutes) they sound as good as they look. When it’s good, it’s good. Well done Starke!

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