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Whoa how late are we this week? Better late than never though, right?

How great was it to have the sun make an appearance last week? I dug out my summer dresses, wore sandals and it felt great. This week however it seems that we might be snapping back to realities of April and the rain is back. So let's just look at our summer clothes again and wish back the sun. 

Aside from the weather, did you know that this week is Fashion Revolution Week?  If you're not sure what it is, then you can find out about it here. But essentially it's a week to raise awareness of issues within the fashion industry and how we can move towards more ethical and sustainable fashion. 

I'm not here to talk about 'how sewing is the answer to this problem' because it's not. There are so many bad practices within the sewing industry that mean while our clothes may not be made in sweatshops, we are still not ethical or sustainable.  But I'm not here to preach about this. Not today at least. 

Instead I've been thinking about investment pieces or clothes that are going to work hard in your wardrobe. When I was thinking about this topic I thought that this could be looked at in two ways.It can be clothes that you spend a lot of time making (or spend a lot of money on if you're buying) or it can just be clothes that you will wear over and over again.

We all know about so-called investment pieces, like spending thousands of pounds on a handbag because it will last and one day you can hand it down to your children. But let's be real, very few of us are actually able to do that.

Now in my life, I own a lot of things. I always have and these habits are hard to change. But when it comes to my wardrobe everything I own works hard. Whether I've made it or I've bought it, I will always wear it a lot. I have items in my wardrobe that I have had for easily more than 10 years and would still happily wear now.

When putting this in the context of Fashion Revolution Week, we of course can think about the changes we make regarding our spending habits in the future. Buying sustainable being one thing.

But as makers, of course we will want to make. So when we think about making things in the future, we can start to think about makes that take a long time to complete. Makes we might put our heart and soul into, to produce something that is beautifully finished and will be worn for years to come. We can start to forget about trends every now and then and focus on what we'll be wanting to wear months - or even years - from now.  Those are the pieces that we really need to invest in, whether that be money or time.

 But while we can think long term, if we really want to tackle the problem it's about starting with what you have. You can't reverse the spending damage you've already done but you can make sure it's put to good use. Most of the time we have an abundance of summer dresses from previous years, so we don't need to make what is essentially the same thing. Making clothes or buying clothes the main purpose is to wear them. Who cares if you haven't made anything in months and you're posting a picture of a me made dress you've posted before?

This is a perfect week to think about it. Not only because it's Fashion Revolution Week but as many of you you start to plan your wardrobe for the change of season it might be time to take stock of what you have and what you need to make. Also with Me Made May coming up, don't think you have to wear something different every day or crazily think you have to make something every day. I don't want my clothes to be boring and I always want my fashion to be fun, so I plan to use Me Made May as a chance to play with the styling of the same items throughout the month.

 How about you?

We all, to some extent, have denim in our wardrobe. If you don't, then don't think you need to make something just find something similar, whether it be a denim skirt,  a pair of jeans or a denim jacket... Use this as an inspiration on how to style it.

Pinterest | PinterestTopshop

After prompting you to step away from the computer last week for inspiration I'm asking you get to back on it for some inspirational video watching.

Haim Gets Ready For Coachella | Vogue
I don't think I need to really say anything about this one. Haim, Coachella, Vogue... all your style goals will be met in this one video. It might also help you get dressed in the morning.

Birdsong Worker to Wearer
I've mentioned this cool brand before but for Fashion Revolution Week, Birdsong have been creating videos about how they go about making their Spring collection. An interesting watch to see what goes into making an ethical fashion brand work.

Miu Miu Women's Tales #12 That One Day
This is honestly one of the best videos I have ever watched. Every now and then if I'm in need of inspiration I give it a watch. I want to spend my life skateboarding, while wearing Miu Miu, soundtracked by Rebel Girl by Bikini Kill.
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