“I will do this for three years”

Dave Earley

Three years ago, I was on an airplane flying to San Antonio to help a ministry put some small group training materials online. I felt like the Lord said to me, “Pay careful attention and I will show you something I want you to do”

While there, a global evangelist showed me how was reaching tens of thousands of people each day all over the world through Facebook. He kept challenging me to do so.

On the plane ride back, I told God, “I will do this for three years. If nothing comes of it, I will have been faithful and obedient. If something does come from it, I will pursue You regarding the future.”

So, I invested some money in it, and we started with daily discipleship videos posted on Facebook.

But, as I frequently told the Lord, “I do not have time to do this, and I don’t know what I am doing.” But when the pandemic hit, it began to make sense as people all over the world were doing life digitally. A few months later, one of our videos reached a million people in 120 nations.

It has been three years ago since I was on that plane. Today we have 16,000 followers from dozens of nations. We have had a few thousand people make decisions of Christ each year. Hundreds of pastors message me for further encouragement and training. We have fed orphans and built churches in Africa, Pakistan, and India.

As we head into our next three years, God is leading us to lay the groundwork to:

  • Expand our emphasis to YouTube to reach a younger audience

  • Launch a free School of Ministry to train pastors and leaders

  • Expand our staff of volunteers

Now, more than ever, your partnership is needed. Please:

  • Pray consistently for us as the enemy hates what we are doing and is quick to attack

  • Give generously so we can begin to do what needs to be done. Dave Earley Global

  • Subscribe to our Dave Earley Ministries YouTube Channel.

Thank you!!