Disciple’s Library Curriculum Now Available!

In January 2020, we began the adventure of creating and displaying five-minute discipleship videos on FB. In the last 15 months we gathered over 10,000 followers and have seen hundreds of people come to Christ through the internet. Yay God!

The last few months we have posted these videos by series on YouTube. Now they are all easily accessible

Over the next few years we will have available to anyone anywhere in the world a mini-Bible College with short, high-impact courses in Bible Survey, Bible Doctrine, Christian Ministry, Practical Christian Living, Financial Freedom, Marriage, The End Times, and much more. See

Eventually we will be able to track everyone taking classes and give them certificates for courses completed. Ultimately we can honor our graduates and partner with them in their ministries.

Many of our daily disciples are pastors with limited access to training and education. This little ministry can be a big part in helping them be more effective in advancing the Kingdom of God in their part of the world.

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