This week we sent a couple of gospel videos to Africa (“Who is Jesus?” and “Do Good People Go to Heaven?”). As usually occurs in Central and Southern Africa, people were receptive, and many were saved! Most of the comments were very kind, respectful, and encouraging.

But as often occurs, there were some who very insulting and responded by calling me names. Over the last year of posting short Gospel videos on Facebook I have been insulted and condemned numerous times by mainly Atheists and Muslims. I also have been called lots of names - “Heretic,” “Scammer,” “Crook,” “Liar,” “Fool,” “False Prophet,” “False Teacher” and several I can’t mention.

This week, I got called a few new names: “Doctor of Deception,” “Racist Brian Washer,” andRidiculous Criminal Thief.”

When I first started doing this, the “name calling” hurt my feelings and bothered me. My motives were pure, and I believe my words were accurate and true to the Bible. But some people hate the Bible, and they hate Jesus. These FB cowards call Him terrible, vile names.

Because they hate Jesus, they hate us.

The night He was arrested Jesus warned His disciples: If the world hates you, you know that it hated Me before it hated you.” (John 15:18)

Now I see the insults are an honor. I have not been jailed or beaten for Jesus, just insulted and called names. Insults are no big deal compared to real persecution and suffering for the cause of Christ.

Let’s rejoice this week at the dozens of people who were saved in Africa through watching simple gospel videos.

Let’s pray for our brothers and sisters who suffer real persecution for the cause of Christ

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