As we move through the summer, DE Global took some small steps that should lead to greater future impact.

1. We crossed a milestone of 750 Daily Discipleship videos having been displayed. The viewership of some videos have exceeded 500,000 viewers in 120 nations!

2. We began to expand our number of video teachers.

My oldest son Daniel is a prison chaplin in the toughest prisons in Florida and Alabama with a ministry called We Care. (Daniel led the leader of the Latin Kings gang to Christ last week!). When he visited Ohio, he made a full week of videos for us. The videos received excellent response. Moving forward we have other teachers on the schedule.

3. We reached out to over 400 pastors in developing nations and found great excitement for our upcoming Ministry Matters training videos that will hope to launch next year.

4. We made an excellent contact – Henry Vermont of Didasko Intercultural Ministry Training (

We hope to be able to partner in the future in launching our fully digital, free school of ministry.

Thank you for your prayers and generosity. Together, we are making a difference.